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    Importing of pictures takes > 10 minutes if videos are in (sub-)directory

    H.D. Level 1

      My system:

      - AMD 6 core CPU

      - 8GB Ram

      - Win 7 64bit

      - AMD Radeon HD5770 graphic card.


      LR4 takes 10 minutes or more to import 3 pictures. Importing these pictures in LR3 takes a few seconds.

      I did some checks: Using a new catalog (and not the converted one) and importing a sub folder of my picture directory has no effect. It takes also very long.

      Importing a sub folder without videos is fast!

      But even if the videos are already imported (because of using the LR3 converted catalog), when adding new pictures to a subfolder it takes again 10 minutes.

      Importing videos in a fresh catalog does not work at all (they are only available if you convert the LR3 catalog) (Canon Powershot Ixus S95)


      I have also a problem with playing (the LR3 catalog converted) videos. The video control bar does not react. After some minutes there is an error message that there was an error trying to work with the picture.


      There was already a Adobe Labs discussion ongoing (for the beta version). But this thread is read only so that I can't add my problem:



      I did the suggested steps in the thread (even this was the proposal for the beta version). No effect.

      What is also strange, even after closing LR4 the dynamiclinkmediaserver and manager still run and consuming 17% CPU power. Not acceptable at all.


      Any further help?