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    Audio sync issue with mp4 in CS5.5

    lchapman66 Level 1

      I just imported an mp4 file from my smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) into Premiere CS5.5.  I created a sequence by dropping the video onto the create new item icon.  When I play the video from the timeline the audio slowly gets out of sync.  The video plays fine outside Premiere when I play it in Windows Media Player.


      The video specs are:


      H.264, 720p, FPS 24.08, AAC mono


      Anyone else seeing anything like this?


      My current work around is to convert the file to a .mov with Quicktime Pro and import that.  No sync issue with that process.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Fps 24.08 that is a bit odd.

          I think you have no option then to convert the file before importing into Premiere.

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            I am having this same problem with my video files and CS5. The files began as .avi files, but there was no audio at all when imported into Premiere (Xvid codec, apparently a known problem), so I converted to .mp4 and now the audio un-syncs from the video over time. The specs for the converted (mp4s) are:


            Video: (avc1) H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

            Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC



            Very annoying. Video is in sync with audio at the beginning but slowly loses sync over time. Not only is it out of sync within the program but also when rendered. The original file is fine when played on VLC. Will look to convert to .mov I suppose. It's difficult (from my naive perspective) to understand why importing videos (having seemingly popular codecs settings) is so difficult. Are there any other work arounds that are known for avoiding this? I don't have QT Pro and would prefer to avoid spending another $30 just to convert. Or is there a freeware .mov converter that is known/popular?