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    LR4 - dynamiclinkserver.exe causes high CPU utilization

    tudor@apmadoc.net Level 1

      Hardware / OS

      I7 960 CPU, 12GB drives, two 2TB drives internal.   The lightroom catalog is on the 2nd drive.


      I hava a master folder called "photos".  Numerous folders underneath that.   It totals to about 200,000 photos.


      I right click on photos, start the "synchronize this folder" process.   It does the search, gives me a count of missing photos.   That happens pretty quickly.


      I click the synchronize button, it's now 7 hours later.  The CPU's are pegged at 100%


      I pull up the task manager

      • dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe *32 is at 88% CPU.   Doesn't seem to be accumulating an IO accounts
      • lightroom.exe is about 10% CPU.  Is accumulating read and other counds


      I look at the drive meter gadget on my deskop - it shows just very minimal IO


      I look at the network meter gadget, it shows very minimal IO


      Any ideas?