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          Text Editing:  Can not change from custom to local font.  When I attempt, I get the following message.  "To change to a different font was not done because the chosen font and the font encoding in the document differ and could not be resolved". 

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            i got the same problem as Vincentone encounter. How to solve the problem?

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              When you highlight text in your pdf and you get the font-related error message, I think it tells you which font your document is in, yes?  If not, you should be able to right-click, go to properties and it will tell you there.  Likely that font is not on your computer.  Download that font to your computer (try here: http://www.ufonts.com) and try your pdf editing agagin.  Note:  It will download into a folder on your c-drive probably (on mine it was a newly created one called "ufonts).  I had to drag that font into the computer's font folder (located on the control panel) - then Adobe recognized it.  (Side note:  In this day & age, such problems are ridiculous and a waste of time for the user to have to struggle with. I am evaluating Adobe Pro x10. When I called support, they refused to help, saying no support unless I've purchased.  I thus had to take the time to figure this out on my own. Really bad demonstrations of: (a) user experience design; and (b) customer service).

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                I'm trying to change the fonts, size, etc., on a PDF I created on my computer with QuarkXpress. The fonts were embedded as a subset when I created the PDF for press printing. I have No Security set up in Preferences. I can change size, color, letter and word spacing, baseline offset, horizontal scaling, stroke width and color... but I can't change the font itself to another one on my computer. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be changed?

                This is the message I get:  The change to a different font was not done because the chosen font and the font encodings in the document differ and could not be resolved. What does that mean?


                I found a workaround through Ask.com:


                It is a work around to draw a rectangle (tools, drawingMarkups, textbox tool) and put your text in it. I even copied the text from the original place, pasted it in the rectangle, and the closest font with lay-out (bold, italic) was found. This text I could easely edit, and I deleted the original textbox with the touchup object tool