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    pp5.5 beginner


      Greetings, I am a new convert from FCP and AVID, although I still use them, I have just heard and SEEN the wonder that is PREMEIRE.


      Anyway, I have 5.5 Production Premium and am trying to get LUT BUDDY to work.  it was installed and is in the common folder under 5.5, not 5.


      But I cannot find a way to get access to it when Premiere is open.  I have looked all over and everyone gives help on how to get it and install it and to use it, but actually how to make it show up.


      I did find one, but he says it should be in the effects list already, and after looking at his effects list, it has 100 times more effects than my list does.  WHY?


      So I guess two questions and one is a question about why I only have 18 video effects and his version has tons more.  Did I install wrong?


      Where do I go to add the lut s-curve to my clips?


      I am new to this premeire Pro and have been at this for nearly 9 hours trying to find the effect(s)