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    PSE9 question

    macha mama

      My PSE 9 program does not hava a minimize button in the upper right corner of the workspace as did previous PSE versions. This means I cannot minimize a picture to the bottom bin, I can only close it completely. How to correct this?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Open Editor and click Edit à Preferences à General


          Then check the box “Allow Floating Documents in Full Edit Mode”



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            macha mama Level 1

            I have checked the "Allow floating documents....." box to no avail. (closed and reopened program too.) Also I don't understand what working in Tabs means, though perhaps I am because tab makes the side boxes go away and reappear, but sill no minimize button. I am so frustrated!!!!!

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


              You may also need click the top menu to dock and undock the windows.


              Window à Images à Float All in Windows

              Window à Images à Consolidate All to Tabs


              Also if you have one or more images open you can tile and cascade and use the layout dropdown menu (top left of the screen next to the blue icon)



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                27Prac Level 3

                Just to add to what 99join said  , the minimize button  in the images opened in the workspace is only visible when they are in floating mode. Go to Prefernces>General" and check "Allow Floating Documents" option and then bring any image in floating mode. Then you will be able to see the minimize button.