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    Newsstand: Landscape Cover Preview possible?

    A. Niemeyer



      we are developing a multi-issue Newsstand-App. Our magazine is landscape only. Despite several attempts i can neither make the generic preview cover nor the actual cover show up in landscape-orientation in Newsstand.


      Here is a preview of our actual cover in sandbox-mode:


      We would like to have the preview cover in landscape (like our generic cover for approval):


      (above shown: our generic cover 128 x 96 pixels)


      Viewer Builder does not accept this landscape cover, only portrait 96 x 128 Pixel:


      Apple does seem to support landscape in iTunesConnect for the generic cover, but Viewer-Builder seems to override those settings.


      Furthermore, the actual cover (after you opened your Magazine in Newsstand) is in portrait-mode despite what you upload in iTunes:



      Does anyone has a hint or clue how to get the preview right for horizontal orientation only magazines (no portrait view included)?


      Any help would be most welcome. Thanks so much in adavance,