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    svr:ConvertUnknownError message


      Anyone have a clue as to why I might get this error? I've started a folio and have uploaded two other articles to the folio already. However when I try to add another article to the folio I get this message. There's only four simple pages in this article that I'm attempting to upload.


      I've quit the Indesign application and restarted it in hopes it would help and I've also tried re-saving the file but no dice.


      Any thoughts?


      Picture 10.png

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          Imperius Rex Level 1

          I just got one of those, too. The article previews fine from the Overlay Creator. It builds the folio successfully but craps out mid upload.

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            I get that when using the "Pan and Zoom" overlays. If you use any of those, switch to "Pan only" and they will upload.


            "Pan and zoom" never works for me, not even in Drop 13.

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              Imperius Rex Level 1

              The only interactivity I have going is an MSO with buttons to activate each state. I even deleted everything else from the pasteboard. Thisvis by far thevleast complicated page I've produced. As I mentioned, it previews correctly.   I did get a messagevto update AIR, which I did, beforevI was aware that there was a whole new drop. I'm wondering if that didn't screw everything up with that update.(I keep hitting "V" instead of the spacebar.)

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                joe05xlc Level 1

                Anyone from Adobe what to chime in on this subject please, since a few of us are having issues with uploading?

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                  Imperius Rex Level 1

                  I was able to upload different file (that contained just text and an image-no interactivity), and it worked. There's something specific about the other file I've been trying and I can't figure out what. I agree, some Adobe input here would be appreciated.

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                    Imperius Rex Level 1

                    Still, no one can help us out here?

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                      Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                      I believe this problem is the same upload problem that a few customers have been experiencing recently. The team is working on a fix. They may contact you for information to help them isolate the problem. In the meantime, you may want to try uninstalling the DPS tools, reinstalling, and then deleting InDesign preferences. Let me know if you need more detailed instructions.

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                        joe05xlc Level 1

                        Got the solution. Well at least to the issue I was dealing with. When I built my MSOs, I had an ampersand sign in one of the naming conventions. Took the ampersand out and it uploaded without a problem. So check the way you're labeling you layers and MSO states. Don't use any symbols. Only letters and numbers.


                        Hope that helps your issues.

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                          Imperius Rex Level 1

                          You, sir, are a genius. I am typically strict with filevnames, but considerably less so with layers or, in this case, the name of one of he states in the MSO. Cursed ampersand! I send you a virtual beverage of your choice.

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                            Fernando Carreira Jr Level 1

                            Same happens with "&".

                            Spent all afternoon trying to solve the problem. Just found this post and got a clue.

                            Took the "&" out of the image's name and voila!



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                              I also just spent all day struggling with this and discovered a "HUGE GOTCHA."


                              As Adobe has said:


                              When you add an article to a folio in the Folio Builder panel in InDesign CS5 or CS5.5, you receive the following error:

                              "The upload has failed. [svr:ConvertUnknownError]."

                              The error appears during the upload process.


                              Remove special characters from names of overlay layers, multistate objects or their state names, or other strings applied to content that contributes to the article overlays. For example, remove ampersand, forward slash, colons, and so on [&/:\#!@].


                              This "Special Character" issue also seems to relate to the "<" and ">" characters that InDesign automatically puts around any object (visible in the layer palette) you create in your document. And if you have nested groups of objects these layers of "<>" can get quite deep.


                              I had to go hunting through layers and layers of grouped objects to delete all the "<>" and then I finally got past the "svr.ConvertUnknownError."


                              But once I got the error on a page it seemed to corrupt the page somehow and I had to either try to delete the page (which sometimes it would not allow me to do so I was stuck with a "dead page that wouldn't upload and I couldn't delete) or re-upload as a completely new page.


                              This seems to be a major flaw. InDesign automatically inserts  "<>" characters that end up killing pages when they are made into Multi State Objects and thus forcing users to go back and delete all these characters that they didn't type in originally.


                              Also watch out for when you have a text box with type in it and you group that into an MSO. InDesign automatically likes to name that text box for you based on the actual words in that text box. So if those words contain special characters then you could also be in trouble.

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                                I'm so suffering with this "The upload has failed. [svr.ConvertUnknownError]" because i already spent all my time last 24h trying to fix this with all the way that you're guys recommended but still i got stuck with thi problem...

                                Is there any different way to solve this problem??

                                Please advise....Thank you. *