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    Online purchase download delay



      After purchasing online (Adobe LR 4 upgrade) for download, the download was not available:

      - I waited a half hour, download not available

      - I did live chat support, and was told it would take a few hours, and that my credit card was fine, then in the same chat I was told it would actually take 24 hours before my download was available

      - I waited the 24 hours, download not available

      - I waited another 2 days, download not available

      - I did live chat support again, and was told online orders take a few hours before download is available, I told them the order was placed days ago, they told me to wait yet another few hours and it would be available, they also told me online orders are processed manually for safety reasons???

      - I'll see what happens in another few hours, but they have already give me two assurances of when it would be available, and it wasn't, sounds like they are just stalling.


      Complaint: I order a lot of software online from differenct companies, and the download is always available immediately. I don't know about Adobe's 'manual processing' of online download orders, but people by download for a reason, to get it immediately. This is the worst online order/download system I've encountered, very frustrating, and not very customer friendly - I could have gone to a store and had the software immediately, rathe than the 3 days I've waited (so far) to get my download. Adobe: review and hopefully fix/change this system.


      This complaint is submitted here because there was apparently no other place or way to make a complaint/suggestion of this nature, and those that listened seemed to have no channel to pass on the complaint/suggestion.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Is your order now available to you?  Do you purchase the retail version of Lightroom 4 or the Student & Teacher Edition?  Do you have an order number?

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            MasterCMD Level 1

            My order did become available approximately 3 hours after talking to the last support person (I received an autmated e-mail saying that my order had been processed with instructions for download). It was a standard retail upgrade to a standard retail version of LR 4. I'll leave the order number question as this is a public forum.


            My problem has finally been solved; however, I do hope Adobe reviews their online purchase/download system, as having to wait 3 days for a download purchase to be available pretty much defeats the purpose, and is not very customer friendly. Thanks for replying.