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    how to add "Comments" and attach files onto a form?


      My server is LiveCycle ES 2.5, trial version, Turnkey install / Express mode  with  Reader Extensions.

      Client side has IE8 and Reader X 10.1.2.

      User interface is the standard out-of-the-box WorkSpace ES.


      I have an application that routes a PDF form through a Workflow,

      the input/output of the User Tasks is a Document variable that points to the PDF form.


      I know that in the WorkSpace, ther's a built-in Attachment "tab" where the user can attach files and get them routed along with the form.

      But how about Reader's "attach file" (the paper clip) and annotations (the yellow sticker)?  how to allow users to use those features?


      I tried it in the WorkSpace, and when the form is loaded in the IE window, those features were disabled.

      How to enable them?


      Do I need to modify the standard Render service? and add 'Apply Usgae Rights' or something?

      is there an easier way that I missed?