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    How to use "redefine edge" tool?


      I've seen the tutorial and the video about this tool where he taps and hold for a second or so to activate the function.... But it does not work... It paints normally and comes back to the same. Can anyone help. Is there a manual coming? Some keys I have no idea what mean.

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          You are right in saying that the Refine Edge tool does not appear the same as on the tutorial TV.  However I tried applying the same technique - outlining the subject without crossing the boundary too much - and it seemed to work.  I ended up with a marquee that is tight around the subject.

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            KingR2 Level 1

            Yes, it takes a bit longer but you can do it. But with the Refine Edge it suppose to be a softer edge. Can anyone tell me how to use it?

            Thank's for the reply.

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              Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

              Hi KingR2,

              Refine edge works really well for selecting shapes that have very textured edges (like grass, leaves, hair, or fur). If all you want is to get a soft-edged selection, you should make your selection and then tap the Selection menu and choose Feather. The larger the Radius you use, the softer the selection edge will become.


              To really get a good view of your soft edge try this:

              1. Make a selection.
              2. Use the Refine Edge or the Feather feature depending on the subject matter.
              3. While the selection is still active, tap the Add Layer button and choose Layer from Selection.
              4. To get a good look at the edges, turn off the other layers so you can only see the one you just created.


              Here is a good example of when Refine Edge works most effectively. Compare the edges where the horse's mane and whiskers appear:




              I hope this helps,


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                KingR2 Level 1

                Hi, thank you very much. What I am trying to do is exactly what this example shows. I've managed to use the feather effect which algo gives a kind of transparent shade but helps a lot. The refine edge I still can not use. Do I have to paint around the edge on this function? Thank's for your help.

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                  thtleung Level 2

                  According to the TV tutorial you need to paint around the outline of your subject. Try selecting a reasonable brush size - depending on the size of your image a size of 20 to 40 seems to work well.  Paint around the outline but try not to cross into the subject itself too much.

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