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    How do I import from 3 to 4 and maintain the same look

    jljonathan Level 1

      I have tried numerous times to import from ver3 into ver4 and each time, no matter what I try, I end up with a different look (brightness, contrast etc.) The last time I tried, I reset both 3 and 4 to adobe defaults, then imported 3 to 4 checking none for presets and did not upgrade to image (left the exclamation mark), and the image in 4 looks substantially different that the one in 3. Also, all the sliders are readjusted with this "none" import. They are not at default, which would be zeroed, but all at different settings than the ones in 3. 4's image has less contrast and the color set in the hsl in 3 has been substantially lightened. What am I doing wrong? I read that others can get them into 4 (not upgrading, leaving the exclamation mark) and they are virtually the same rendering.