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    V19 release: Discussion and Opinion

    Johannes Eckert Level 4

      I want to congratulate the DPS team to another great update with the DPS tools, v19.

      It is great to see the tools developing so fast. DPS is a complex system, and it is great to see movement here.


      Here are a few initial thoughts after testing:


      • great to see favorites!
      • social sharing! yeah — first steps done. excellent.
      • the viewer chrome does not pop up within HTML — good fix!


      here are a few opinions:

      • favorites: why are you saving folio number and not folio title, ah yes, because of WIRED :-^
      • social sharing to facebook is just the beginning. there is a lot to come and adobe showed that there will be. This basic sharing could have been done for single folio apps as well. I can understand that multi-page-sharing is only for multi folio apps
      • the viewer chrome does also not pop up in HTML articles


      great to see improved interactive overlays as well — cannot test right now, will do later!