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    Why are boolean process variables really strings?

    Don400 Level 1

      I am trying to use the 'Exists' services in Foundation->Files and the output is assigned to a process variable of type 'boolean'.  However, it behaves like a string.  Here is an assignment

      concat("input=", /process_data/@subdirectoryName, ", directoryExists=", /process_data/@directoryExists,

      ", boolean(directoryExists)=", boolean(/process_data/@directoryExists), ", directoryExists = 'false' is ",

      (/process_data/@directoryExists = 'false'), ", directoryExists = 'true' is ", (/process_data/@directoryExists = 'true'))

      and here is the resulting output:

      input=C:/NPDES/373128945342832, directoryExists=false, boolean(directoryExists)=true, directoryExists = 'false' is true, directoryExists = 'true' is false


      So from what I can tell by the above a boolean type in LiveCycle is either a String "true" or a String "false" and the boolean() function always returns true() for a String argument.