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    Create a drop shadow

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          I'm using illuatrator cs5 and for some reason the only effect i get from choosing 'Stylize' is 'Glowing edges'.

          I've searched quite a bit all the tools bust still can't find 'Drop Shadow'. Can anyone poitn me in the right direction or is there another way to create shadows on an object (text and rectangles) in illustrator.




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            Gustavo Del Vechio Community Member

            Hi mti-12


            Look at Effect menu you have 2 sub-sections called Stylize (the one you are looking for is near SVG sub-section).


            In other words, Drop Shadow is in the Illustrator Effects section.


            Let me know if you can find it.

            Best Regards.

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              Mathias17 Community Member

              Gustavo has you taken care of, but to further clarify -


              You're looking in the "Photoshop Effects" section, in the bottom half of the Effect menu. In the top half you see the "Illustrator Effects".


              Both sections contain an item called "Stylize". Just try the other one.




              If on a Mac, click on the main Help menu and type "Drop" into the search bar. Drop Shadow will highlight.




              To create shadows another way - create a shape and apply a Guassian Blur to it. Like Drop shadow, this will also apply a live effect which you can adjust as need be whenever you want. Use the Appearance Panel to access live effects applied to objects.




              Remember, always use your Drop Shadows responsibly!

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                mti-12 Community Member

                Thanks a lot Gustavo for your help! Oh, i  feel so stupid not seeing before! thanks again!

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                  mti-12 Community Member

                  Thanks Matthias! Good to know another way of doing things. This is very helpful:)