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    Export to IOS5


      I'm trying to export a Dreamweaver built website to an Ipad that has IOS 5. I have the latest version of Dreamweaver CS5.5, XCode, and PhoneGap, but am unable to get a working copy of the webpage. Even a simple, "Hello World" site in HTML5 doesn't work.


      After setting up the /Developer path, Instructions say to click Site > Mobile Applications > Build > IPad, however I get an error message that says, "The build of "Hello World" failed to complete successfully. Please consult the build log at Users/UserProfile/Desktop/com.performance.hello_world_ios/buildlog.log for additional details. What could go wrong in such a simple export?

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Please consult the build log at Users/UserProfile/Desktop/com.performance.hello_world_ios/buildlog.lo g for additional details. What could go wrong in such a simple export?


          I know absolutely nothing about this operation, but I'm just curious if you have consulted that mentioned log file?

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            DFerri916 Level 1

            I certainly have, to which the last couple lines of the log show 1 error generated with the camera.h:25:23: note: ivar is declared here [3] enum DestinationType returnType; message.


            I've tried a couple tips from other users posts on these forums, along with updates from adobe and phonegap, but still haven't had any luck. The tip from one of these forums had syntax different from what's in my phonegaplib folder. There must be something inherently wrong with the setup or a patch unaddressed in any of my research?

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              I had two problems with my PhoneGap, one for IOS5 and one for Android


              The fix for the IOS5 problem that worked for me was in the Camera.h file


              Although I found many on my system (leading me to believe that a base Camera.h is copied for each project), The one I found to modify for my project was in:




              Find this code in the file:


              @interface CameraPicker : UIImagePickerController


                   NSString* successCallback;

                   NSString* errorCallback;

                   NSInteger quality;

                   NSString* postUrl;

                  enum DestinationType returnType;




              and change it to this  (note the lines that change are bolded):


              @interface CameraPicker : UIImagePickerController


                   NSString* successCallback;

                   NSString* errorCallback;

                   NSInteger quality;

                   NSString* postUrl;

                   enum DestinationType;

                   enum returnType;



              The original reference where I found the fix can be found here:




              Although it's not part of your question, but more in the hope that someone else who is experiencing both issues with the IOS and Android find this response:


              The error I got for the PhoneGap / Android environment was:


              Dreamweaver is unable to open X in the emulator. Please consult the build log at /Users/.../buildlog.log for additional details.


              The answer I found was here:



              and involves tweaking the build.xml file and adding just two elements.


              I hope this helps.

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                I've been having the same problem (build failed to complete successfully). I have a complex jquery mobile site--with several videos included--that I was trying to convert to an app now that I've upgraded to DW 5.5. I thought maybe I was overwhelming the DW PhoneGap feature, so I built a basic jquery mobile page in which I only changed the wording of the Page One, Page Two, etc. text. Then I tried using the app feature. Same error. I wish these things always worked as smoothly as they seem to on the Adobe Greg Rewis tutorials.

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                  The German

                  I made the change. However, Camera.h changes back to its original every time I build the app. How can I avoid that? Thanks in advance.

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                    I also have the same problem. If I save Camera.h and then publish through Dreamweaver again, Camera.h resets back to the original state.

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                      The German Level 1

                      Don't forget to end each line with ';' (semi-column). Then it will stick.

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                        I'm having the very same problem. 


                        When I first installed Dreamweaver CS5.5, I was running OSX Snow Leopard, and I never had a problem building & emulating the Phonegap apps that I wrote. 


                        Since that time, I've updated to OSX Lion, and I haven't been able to build & emulate without getting the "failed to complete successfully" error message. 


                        I just called Adobe tech support, and the best they could offer was to suggest I post my problem to this site.  It sounded like they had never heard of this problem.


                        FWIW, I tried modifying the Camera.h file as suggested on this thread, to no avail.

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                          You may copy the Camera.h into another folder, make the changes then paste it back in the /Documents/DW_NAF/PhoneGapLib/PhoneGapLib/Classes/ folder replacing the original file, this way you can keep your changes.

                          But even making the changes:


                          enum DestinationType returnType;


                          enum DestinationType;

                          enum returnType;


                          I still get the same problem.

                          Running Snow Leopard.


                          Waiting solutions...

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                            Thank you so much! yes I was also having the exact same two problems, I had to edit the build file for Android and seperate the two enums in the camera header file for IOS, and now im up and running.

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                              If you have done the phonegap update to the current 1.3 version then go through all your camera.h files and make sure they all have


                              @proprerty (nonatomic) enum destinationType returnType;


                              with the camerapicker block then everything should work great I upgraded my phonegap to 1.3 and my dreamweaver to the 11.5 5344 version as well as i always run the latest Xcode and I hade the same error that you were getting and this is what I came upi with after countless hours of research and trial and error.

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                                Christopher Sanchez

                                london1a1's workaround seems to work fine. I've been having the same problems. Changed the Camera.h file, now everything works. I had to do the same type of workaround to get Android to also work.

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                                  Hello everyone.

                                  Wll it's January 11 2012, and has anyone found an answer to the non building problems.

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                                    I just finally got it working.


                                    Here is how:


                                    Go to  /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/NativeAppFramework/DWPhoneGap/iphone/PhoneGapLib/ Classes/


                                    Open Camera.h and modify from

                                    enum DestinationType returnType;


                                    enum DestinationType;

                                    enum returnType;


                                    Then go to  YourUsername/Documents/DW_NAF/PhoneGapLib/PhoneGapLib/Classes/


                                    and modify it there too.


                                    Hope this helps!


                                    Best Regards,



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                                      Thank you so much, it works perfectly.