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    CS5.5 component upgrade problems


      I installed Master Suite CS5.5 a couple of weeks ago, and all programs I opened worked fine.  The one thing I used immediately was Acrobat X Pro to edit .pdf forms and save them.  Thnking it would be a good thing, In Acrobat X Pro, I used the "Check for Updates ..." menu item (under "Help") to find any updates.  It found a bunch of updates for all of the Master Suite programs, and I installed them.  Well, that caused a bunch of problems with Flash and Acrobat X Pro.  Attempts at editing .pdf forms caused Windows 7 to freeze.  I think that CS5.5 might have issues if a newer version of Flash is installed (than came with the software). 


      My PC suffered hard shutdowns and bad startups (hanging) ensued.  Several times I had to revert to earlier restore points to start up my system.  Ultimately I did an uninstall and reinstall - using the Adobe CS5.5 Cleaner Tool - and all seems well again.


      My question is, what happened with the updates, and do I reject future updates altogether?  I 'm using Google Chrome for my browser, and I deactivated the automatic Flash updates it performs.



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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Did you receive any specific error messages or did it just seem that your computer crashed when accessing certain forms?  Without specific error messages I would recommend taking the reinstall process slowly and install the updates over time.  Then you can better determine where the difficulty lies.

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            jharris378 Level 1

            No error messages at all.  Just a PC freeze up and then several reboot issues until going back to a restore point.


            After my reinstall of the master suite I have one message from Support Advisor at every startup.  It's a"licensing program" error "cpsid_83578r3: Error, "Validate license at Pre-chrome" when installing - Creative Suite 5."  I searched for that issue description, and I will see if I can get rid of it.  Right now, I don't know if that will cause me any issues down the road.



            After reading a few posts here re the cpsid error and the particular products that had problems, I tried opening Adobe InDesign.  The software opened, but it was unresponsive to any user commands (mouse clicks).  My PC locked up for 30 seconds or so before I got mouse control back.  I could not shut down the PC and ctrl-alt-delete then shutdown did not work.  I finally performed a hard shutdown by using the on/off switch.  I have yet to start the syatem up after that.


            After my master suite re-install, I openbed all programs in the suite - including InDesign - and none of  them caused any problems like lock-ups or freezing.  I am uncertain as to why InDesign caused a problem since then.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              It is possible that InDesign was caching your font data so that would be one difference between the initial launch and regular launch.  So are you no longer experiencing difficulties with your Adobe software then?

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                jharris378 Level 1

                I'm still having issues.  I will go through the master suite programs one at a time and identify which ones cause PC issues once started.  Maybe I can identify the problematic programs and search the knowledgebase for new directions.  Also, I have performed no program upgrades offered by the Adobe upgrade manager.  I may upgrade one program at a time before checking them out.


                Even though I may not use the entire master suite, or even never use some programs, I expect them all to function without locking up my PC.  I'm not beyond doing some debugging, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

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                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                  I think you have a good plan in place jharris378.  We need to better identify where you are having difficulties.  It is possible all of the issues have a root cause but we should narrow down on the specifics first.  I would also recommend posting in the applications respective forum as the users there will be more familiar with troubleshooting processes for that particular product.