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    Multi-Sco Package Freezes at End of First SCO




      I have created a simple 3-SCO 2004-manifest Multi-SCO package for upload to our LMS.


      SCO1 - Pre-Test

      SCO2 - Video

      SCO3 - Post-Test


      My problem is that no matter what I try, the playback freezes at the end of the first SCO and will not proceed to the second one.


      Our LMS is Interactyx (which I gather is loosely based on Moodle).


      On a lark, I also created a 1.2 manifest version, and it too failed to proceed from one SCO to the next.


      In the "At End" options, I have tried forcing it to call the next SCO directly (link and by file name), and I have tried the "Stop" option, and I have tried the "Close" option and I have tried the "Continue" option.


      Uploaded separately, each SCO works perfectly - I only have trouble w/ it going from one SCO to the next. I've called Adobe tech support and they've watched it do this via screen sharing and are working on it - but I hoped someone here might have a quick solution.


      Does anyone have any tips/tricks/technomagic that will fix this for us?