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    Audio Tip: Do not edit audio in Presenter


      After much wasted time trying to figure out why is was not playing back properly with missing audio I wanted to pass this tip along...


      With Presenter 7.0.6 or 7.0.7 do not edit audio. This includes inserting silence and cutting out audio.

      For some reason Presenter created MULTIPLE MP3 files for each slide. I have one slide that has 55 seconds of audio and Presenter has split that into 16 different MP3 files. Some are .5 seconds long. This seems to mess up the play back sometimes freezing up playback.



      Record your audio using something else and import one MP3 for each slide and then add the slide timing.

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          Hey Frank. This is a good tip. Ever since Presenter changed the way they handle audio files, we have stopped recording our audio in Presenter; we all happen to have Captivate licenses on my team so we use it to record and edit all audio before we export to Presenter. If we have to make any changes, we also go back to Captivate and import the changed audio again. We tried working with the Adobe "support" for months on this issue and got nowhere. Each time you alter audio, even if you remove your breathing sounds, if divides the audio into two parts at the place where you changed it. So, yes, for longer pieces of audio, you end up with multiple files. Presenter does "merge" them together when you publish; however, it doesn't do a very good job of it. So every time the playbar reaches one of these split sections of the audio, it has a little glitch.


          Now that you can record audio in PowerPoint and since the PowerPoint integration is so much better in Captivate, we will be dropping our Presenter licences. We may keep one or two so we can update existing modules. Unfortunately when the product has too many glitches and the support is not good (we had Gold or Platinum support too), you can't afford to stay with the product. We've used it for about 6 years.

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            Digital-Frank Level 1

            I like your workflow, but want to make sure I understand it:

            • Create PowerPoint based training
            • Import into Captivate and record audio
            • Check / adjust / edit audio
            • Publish from Captivate

            Is this correct?


            How do you "export to presenter"?


            From a quick test, it looks like Captivate drops most slide animation. Have you seen this, and is there a workaround?


            Thanks for the info!

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              Arc-en-ciel Level 1

              Unfortunately, it's not that simple (I wish) and I should have been more specific in my instructions:


              1. In Captivate, we create a separate slide for each slide in our PowerPoint/Presenter module.

              2. On each slide in Captivate we record the audio for the corresponding slide in PowerPoint. We also then do all of our editing, removing dead air, breaths, fixing mistakes, etc.

              3. From Captivate we export the audio files to a folder.

              4. In PowerPoint/Presenter, from each individual slide, we import the corresponding audio file from Captivate.

              5. In PowerPoint/Presenter, we do all of the syncs as needed and publish.


              If Captivate were just a little bit better at handling PowerPoint animations, I would just import the PowerPoint slides into Captivate and then record and publish from Captivate. Captivate's own PowerPoint-like animations are getting a little better. Perhaps in a future release.


              Good luck!

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                Digital-Frank Level 1

                Thanks for the clarification.