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    Disable Flex list auto scrolling on drag over

    Arun Ganesh Level 3

      Hi Folks,

           I have a list, which is dropenabled. I can able to drop the contents from other container to this list. I want to disable the autoscroll option while dragover on this list. Kindly send your ideas to solve this issue.


      Thanks in Advance.


      With regards,

      Arun P. Ganesh

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          Adrian P.

          Maybe this can help you:



          Specifies to display the focus rectangle around the target control and positions the drop indicator where the drop operation should occur. If the control has active scroll bars, hovering the mouse pointer over the control's top or bottom scrolls the contents.

          You typically call this method from within the handler for the dragOver event.

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            I had the same issue, and found this workaround :


            You can disable autoscroll by creating your own component and overriding the dragScroll() method :




            package {

                  import mx.controls.List;


                      public class NoDragScrollList extends List


                                public function NoDragScrollList()





                                protected override function dragScroll():void {

                           //do nothing






            Solved my issue.


            Hope this helps,