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    Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"

    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

      If you get this error message in the Adobe Content Viewer while trying to view a folio, it means that you're trying to open a new folio with and older viewer. This frequently happens between when a new set of tools is released and Apple approves the newest viewer version. If you install the new tools and create a folio, the current version of the Adobe Content Viewer isn't able to display the folio. You can do any of the following:


      * If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription to DPS, use the Viewer Builder to create a custom version of the Adobe Content Viewer. This custom version has Preview on Device enabled, unlike the store version.


      * Wait for Apple to approve the newest viewer version. Use the Desktop Viewer to preview content for the time being.


      * If you can't wait for the viewer to be approved, uninstall the tools and reinstall an older version of the DPS tools. See this article.

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          sharene80 Level 1

          When will you anticipate the viewer's approval?

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            AadMetz Level 1

            Hi Bob,

            Also the same problem here,


            - It works fine for me: Mac - InDesign CS 5.5 and latest DPS-tools

            but it doesn't work for my customer:

            - Mac - InDesign CS5.0 and latest DPS-tools


            Is this a known problem?

            The difference between CS5.0 and 5.5

            and the error that the app has to be updated.

            Or do I search for the solution in the wrong directing?

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              Bart Van de Wiele Level 3

              Hi Aad,


              Unless you are using your own custom viewer (built wich viewer builder), you shouldn't be able to preview your publication on your iPad. So it's weird that you can view your previews at this moment, so maybe you haven't installed the latest producer tools? (not to be mistaken with the folio builder panel)


              Apart from a few small details (e.g. "use first image as poster" when using audioskins) there aren't any other differences between the CS5 and .5 versions.

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                Hi everyone, I have also those kind problem!

                (Indesign cs5.0+iPad2)


                Greet, Irvan

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                  SG MKTG Level 1

                  Why in the world would you put the cart (iPad App) before the horse (Adobe DPS).  This just makes no sense to update the software without being able to use it on the App.  Did Adobe just have to get the update out before the App was approved?  I hate to be so cynical but this is just poor planing on Adobes part.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    You need to realize that there are paying customers out there that want updates. This doesn’t affect them one bit since they can create their own custom viewers.




                    If you want a hitch a ride, then you need to be aware of what you’re getting and what you’re not getting.





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                      Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                      The thinking is that it doesn't hurt anything to offer the tools before the iPad viewer is ready. If you have a Pro or Enterprise account, you can create your own version of the Adobe Content Viewer in a few minutes. Or you can create a development version of the custom viewer for testing. Pro publishers can take advantage of the new features now, without having to wait for Apple or Amazon to approve the new viewers. And if you don't have a Pro/Ent account, you don't need to update the tools. You can just stick with the older set of tools until the viewer is approved.


                      In reality, it isn't that simple. New users download the DPS tools for the first time and wonder why they can't preview on the iPad viewer. Plus, when people see the message that they need to update the panel, they think this means updating both the panel and the tools. Just because we have two different installers doesn't mean people understand why there are two different installers, and that they have a choice in whether to update the tools, which essentially updates the viewer version.


                      Thanks for your feedback.

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                        SG MKTG Level 1

                        It still does not dispute the fact that Adobe could have published everything at once making a complete package and not bits and pieces which this is, that's all.  DPS already has a bad reputation for giving us not what we want now and not being a complete package as it is.  Seams like almost noting in this update was a must have now for "Pro" or other wise so why not wait.  At least waiting would make it look like Adobe was really on top of things giving us a complete package.  Besides it kinda just sounds like a push to go Enterprise.

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                          irvdys Level 1

                          Hi, i had such bad day today with our presentation for our client, because they couldnt see their first view publication on their iPad. Could Adobe please remind us, designer who want to sell their idea first and dont have pro or enterprise accounts, to hold the updates (v.19)?

                          And could you guys gige us any tips, how can we show our hard work to the client on their device?

                          Thx. Irvan

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                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            It most certainly does. Paying customers come first.




                            There are ton of people piggy backing on this system for small projects using nothing but the Content Viewer. Why should Adobe hold everything back from paying customers just because others fail to learn the system?




                            I’m sorry you’re having issues but the fact is this entire thing is still in its infancy and the biggest issue here that Apple takes so long to approve the Content Viewer.




                            You may want to direct just a bit of your anger in Cupertino’s direction.





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                              SG MKTG Level 1

                              Typical response for Bob Levine.  Were not paying customers?  Just because we don't use Enterprise services we still bought Adobes software and use according to Adobes guide lines.  No where does it say that we have to be Enterprise customers to use DPS.  And what part of the "system" don't we understand, that we're just suppose to be nickel and dimed and put up with it or learn how to use DPS which for the most part you have to be a detective to figure out.


                              And Bob it most certainly does not, paying or not.  You fails to see what I am talking abut here, perception.  As I said noting new in this update to warrant not putting out a complete package and making Adobe look like they are giving a complete pack.


                              And Bob if you feel Paying customers come first then Adobe should have only made it available to "Paying" customers and not the general public, not too hard to do.


                              This just could have been handled far better but you have to take the low road Bob, as usual, and insult and belittle.


                              PS Bob, It's not available for Android as well Apple hater.

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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                This was handled exactly the same way it’s been handled with almost every single release and has been argued back and forth for the better part of 18 months.




                                Does Adobe hold the tools back while Apple drags its feet or put them out there for those willing to pay attention? At one point they elected to hold them back and there were enough complaints they changed course and release them when they’re ready (one could argue the definition of ready).




                                You have two choices. Roll back the tools or wait for Apple to approve the viewer.




                                I’m not taking any road…just expressing my opinion. And BTW, I’ve been burnt one too many times by new tools and I’m sitting this one out.




                                Live and learn.





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                                  SG MKTG Level 1

                                  Don't you see Bob, you are proving my point, you are waiting it out.  No one should have to wait anything out if you got a complete package every time.  And I do know you can still get burned.  The thing is, I would like to get a complete package every time and I think most other would as well.  If you want it early call it a BETA with more warning.  All I'm saying is waiting for a complete package would not hurt the "Pro's" here and it would have made Adobe look like nothing but good in everyone's eyes.

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                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    Unfortunately, there’s no pleasing everyone. For every person who feels like you do there are others who feel differently.




                                    There’s really not much else to say but feel free to carry on. I’ve said everything I can possibly say.





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                                      Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                      Ryan, what do you mean by "complete package"?


                                      One option the DPS team is considering is a single installer that updates both the panel and the tools. The folio properties would include an option that lets you target the viewer version -- essentially a save backwards feature. There would still be a usability issue after release in that people expect the most current features to work with the most current viewer, but saving down is a much easier workaround than uninstalling and reinstalling to an older set of tools. It's a lot of work, but I think it would be worth the effort.

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                                        AntsTuur Level 2

                                        How to roll back my update install? This was mandatory install and older tools would not authorize in Adobe server. I cn not upload files using older version of tools.

                                        Is that correct?


                                        Ants Tuur

                                        • 17. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"

                                          When do you think Apple will approve the update?


                                          We have an exhibition soon....the deadline is really soon...

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                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                            Ask them. There’s no way for anyone here to know. It could happen in a day or it could take more than week.





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                                              landrvr1 Level 2

                                              I will never again load new tools until the updated Content Viewer is ready.


                                              Even then it's clear that serious bugs are getting through with both the Viewer and plugs, so I'm done as well with loading anything new right away.  Rollbacks are always a pain and rarely work without uninstalling everything and saying a few prayers.


                                              That recent video from Johannes was an eye opener.  Pretty major slippage there.


                                              It would be most helpful to have some kind of sticky or something that clearly states Content Viewer release dates / version compatibility.  Not crucial, but would help.

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                                                Marcelo Raimondi


                                                I was in the midst of an approval of an issue of my client, sharing content with Adobe Content Viewer. Simply stopped working because it occurred updating the platform, I will tell my client? and how it can adopt? considering that the time given by the client to send to Apple was march 16. Unbelievable! I have NO more time to create a custom version. My client is waiting and finishing my deadline.

                                                How do I go back to previous version? When you click on sign in, it automatically forces me to upgrade my version!

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                                                  Andrew Smith Level 2

                                                  You're being forced to upgrade the Folio Builder Panel, not the Folio Producer Tools.  Everything should keep working as it has for you as long as you don't update the Folio Producer Tools.  There are details about how to uninstall the Folio Producer Tools at the bottom of this help document explaining the updating process.


                                                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS67cb9e293e2f1f60-21ba9a4512e5e5e0b8d-7 ffe.html

                                                  • 22. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"

                                                    Wouldn't it be smarter to launch new updates after getting the Content Viewer aproved by Apple?

                                                    • 23. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                      AntsTuur Level 2

                                                      Where was it written, that update only Folio Builder Panel?

                                                      I am not an engineer or Adobe beta tester. I am not in technical detail.

                                                      Adobe offered me update. I installed it.

                                                      And nobody is happy.


                                                      And you know what? I dint evev created new folio, just doing some pre publishing minor corrections and updated some articles.

                                                      Magazine must be in sale tomorrow, and my client can not review and approve it.


                                                      I can lose a client that way.


                                                      Ants Tuur

                                                      • 24. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                        Andrew Smith Level 2



                                                        Read this entire discussion to answer your own question as to why Adobe has chosen the current way as oppposed to the way you suggest.


                                                        I prefer to have the option of working with the latest tools as soon as they're available.  I'm not saying I always exercise that option (especially when pressing deadlines are involved) but we're all adult humans here who can be responsible enough to make the decision for ourselves.  If you read Bob Bringhurst's first post in the discussion announcing the v19 release he did a good job of summarizing what your options are and why you may want to wait to install the Folio Producer Tools.  If you don't like the way Adobe does it then you'll have to find a different solution from another company, create your own Digital Publishing platform, or learn to write apps with native code for each operating system...



                                                        I sympathize with those who are stressing because of deadlines and not understanding the upgrade process because they're new to DPS. It's a complex, imperfect, and improving system.  Never install new software when you're on a deadline.  Assume there will be a couple of days of down time due to server or software problems.  Don't promise clients new features that haven't been released yet.

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                                                          AntsTuur Level 2

                                                          By the way. IMHO all that talk about custom viewer is (i can not spell that word in there).

                                                          How do i distribute my custom viewer? As "Sideloadable developer build"? And maintain all the UDIDS, my clients have. Most of them not evev knoe, what the UDID is.

                                                          • 26. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                            Andrew Smith Level 2



                                                            If you upgraded the Folio Producer Tools and are now getting the "Please update your app" message in the Adobe Content Viewer then uninstall the tools using the link referenced in the first post of this discussion.  If you then update the articles again the Adobe Content Viewer should stop giving you that error message and let you view the folio.


                                                            It sounds like you are very angry at Adobe and anybody who is trying to help you.  I think you should find a different system and forum that you like better if you are that unhappy.  The only other alternative is to read all the help documentation for DPS which covers most, if not all, of your questions/problems and then for any remaining unanswered questions you can either talk to the Adobe Gold tech support that came with your paid subscription or you can politely ask other professional users in this forum to stop what they're doing and try to help you.


                                                            Create a custom Adobe Content Viewer for iPad

                                                            http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS9293e1fb3b977c5c-6373a356134d312f091-8 000.html

                                                            • 27. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                              sagremel Level 1

                                                              So, you are saying that I have to go to the Forums page every time I'll install updates? Why Adobe do not puts in the downloads page a warning: CONTENT VIEWER NOT AVAILABLE YET. IF YOU INSTALL THIS YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW YOUR PUBLICATIONS? Simple like that.

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                                                                Andrew Smith Level 2

                                                                Being cautious before performing upgrades and checking this forum is part of my use of the imperfect software Adobe has offered to us.  It's not ideal but it works until they implement a better way.


                                                                Do you have a link to the page it sent you to when you were forced to upgrade?  I don't remember what page it sent me to from the Folio Builder Panel when it forced me to update but I'm pretty sure it only had a link the Folio Builder Panel update.  Otherwise it probably sent me to the page linked below which states:

                                                                "You also have the option of updating the authoring tools when a new version is released. When you update the authoring tools, any folio you publish is no longer compatible with a custom viewer created with a previous set of tools. For example, suppose that you used Viewer Builder 1.2 to create a custom viewer that you submitted to the app store. To continue creating folios for that custom viewer, keep using the v12 Folio Producer tools (installer 1.0). Do not update to installer 1.1 or later until you are ready to create and submit a new version of the custom viewer to the store. However, you should update the Folio Builder panel whenever the Folio Producer is updated on the web.

                                                                You may need to revert to a previous set of Folio Producer tools to be compatible with an older custom viewer. Uninstall the Folio Producer tools, and then download and install the appropriate version."


                                                                http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS67cb9e293e2f1f60-21ba9a4512e5e5e0b8d-7 ffe.html


                                                                It would probably help new users to put something shorter and easier to understand, like what you wrote, at the top of all download pages until Apple approves each new version of the Adobe Content Viewer.

                                                                • 29. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"

                                                                  Hi Bob,


                                                                  We have completed the upgrade to the folio builder and have created our own content viewer - for test purposes - as you advised above.


                                                                  We have a folio being published in the next couple of days, though because this folio was created post the folio builder update, will we need to build/release a new app before this folio can be viewed? I couldn't imagine this is the case, as it would mean that all users will need to update their app prior to viewing the newest folio.


                                                                  Can you please help out with this?


                                                                  Thanks, Ryan

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                                                                    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                                    If you update the Folio Builder panel but not the Folio Producer tools, you don't need to update your app, and you don't need to create a custom Adobe Content Viewer (unless you want to use Preview on Device).


                                                                    If you update the Folio Producer tools, then yes, you need to update your app as well. Don't publish the new folios until Apple approves your app. If your customers want to view your new or updated folios, they need to update their viewers.

                                                                    • 31. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                                      KonstantinosAnt Level 1

                                                                      Terms like "hitching a ride" and piggy backing" are somewhat disturbing.


                                                                      By the way, buying a single licence from Adobe and not being able to create my own content viewer gets me into that category, even though I am a paying customer who, in the words mentioned above, should "come first".

                                                                      • 32. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                                        landrvr1 Level 2

                                                                        Dollars to donuts there are far, FAR more people at this point 'piggybacking' and 'hitching a ride' in terms of DPS usage, lol.  Let's hope that Adobe doesn't share that disdain for us 'piggybackers'.  Fact is, my creation of deliverables using nothing but the free acrobat.com / Content Viewer method has probably led quite a few people to purchase copies of InDesign.  I'm preaching the gospel of InDesign/DPS every single week to people all over the world with the work I do.  It's certainly been a boost to Adobe's brand recognition in terms of tablet content creation.


                                                                        No need to thank me, Adobe.  Just get the bugs ironed out and release that online viewer and we'll call it even.

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                                                                          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                                          If you have a Single Edition license, you can create a v19 development viewer for testing.


                                                                          With the iPad 3 coming out, it is especially important to get the supporting tools into publishers' hands as soon as possible. With this release in particular, I think it makes sense to release the tools before the viewer is approved, even though it leads to confusion. If Apple takes four weeks to approve the viewer, and no one could create renditions for the ipad 3 until Apple approves the viewer, some customers would be frustrated. That's just my opinion.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                            Nobody has any disdain for anyone using DPS for free…I have several clients going that route for sales materials.




                                                                            That said, I personally (and let’s be perfectly clear…I don’t work for Adobe and my opinions are my own) have very little sympathy for people who don’t bother to do any research at all before jumping in and the blaming Adobe for their own mistakes.





                                                                            • 35. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                                              KonstantinosAnt Level 1

                                                                              Bob Br., I understand the need. I also very much applaud what Johannes has done HERE and I think that the exact same website, with those big fonts, should be used in the Adobe downloads area.


                                                                              Bob L., I think you do an excellent work in these forums, added that you are not being paid from Adobe to do so. That does not warrant using the terms I mentioned above and I cannot accept any distinction between a customer that pays a ton of money and someone that "hitches a ride", when the tools are freely available to the masses. Let Adobe hold them only for paying customers and not release them for free download. But it is a fact that everyone who is using DPS (paying customer or not) has contributed something to the advance of the platform - tips, solutions, ideas, requests, live and healthy discussion. I very much doubt if "paying customers" alone could help Adobe progress that far.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"

                                                                                Although this seems like a problem with release scheduling, IMHO it is more a software issue. Programs should be built from the ground up for graceful degradation. How this translates is that OLD viewers should still be able to view NEW publications, and just ignore any new features of the new publications. I can't imagine the format of the files changing so dramatically that the new files are completely unviewable in the old viewers. I concur with everybody else on this forum that this little problem is a BIG deal, not just a little deal. Imagine, needing a whole other website (http://caniupdateadobedps.com/) just to tell me whether I can update to the latest tools. That's ridiculous.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                                                  GersonCFilho Level 1

                                                                                  I'm in a critical moment preparing several tests to present to clients and Adobe updates the package missing a component. A critical component. Sorry guys from Adobe, but I think you have to wait apple to approve the ACV first and launch the complete updated package. It's really a mess.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"
                                                                                    Winston Barnard

                                                                                    Hello these links should clarify what other options are available if you have downloaded ALL of the new DPS Toolset  and you now cannot view new folios or articles on on iPad prior to v.19 update.




                                                                                    "Create a Custom Content Viewer for iPad"

                                                                                    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS9293e1fb3b977c5c-6373a356134d312f091-8 000.html


                                                                                    "Creating a self-signed Content Viewer"



                                                                                    "Please Update your App":



                                                                                    DPS Bug Fix Release Notes | Digital Publishing Suite

                                                                                    http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-publishing-suite/release-note/dps-bug-fix-release-notes.htm l




                                                                                    • 39. Re: Adobe Content Viewer (iPad) - "Please update your app"

                                                                                      Thank you for posting all those links in aggregate Winston!  That's exactly what I was looking for...


                                                                                      I'm sure 4 weeks from now we'll all practically forget this speed bump in getting our publications completed and published. This is all part of the experience of designing & building on the razors edge of new.

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