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    Two effects

    paraberto Level 1

      How do I do these two effects on the flower?
      - fill




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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          For the contour you could

          • use Edit > Define Brush Preset on a black on white image of the element and then

          • set the Shape Dynamics in the Brush Panel accordingly

          (• save the new Preset in the Brush Presets Panel)

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            Jeff_N Level 1

            I can't say for sure because the image is too small to study clearly.

            But, the right image looks like if you took the center image and made a "defined brush" out of it. Then selected that brush from the brush pallet and painted / drew out the leaf pattern. You may have to play / adjust the brush settings...scattering, count, etc. If you found that shape in the shape tools, you could also turn the shape into a selection, then stroke the selection with the defined brush.


            The left image:

            try taking the same center pattern and define a "pattern", save the pattern, then draw out the leaf shape, or you may even find the shape in the shape tool (add shapes). Then fill the shape with the pattern.

            Alternately, you could draw out the shape (by hand or shape tool), turn it into a selection, then use the defined brush to paint inside the selection. Again adjusting the brush parameters.




            c.pfaffenbichler  gave part of my first answer b4 I could reply.


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              paraberto Level 1

              As always, thanks for the answers.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                You can paint using specially shaped brushes.  By turning on various Dynamics you can get stuff like what you're showing...





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                  c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                  A (suboptimal) option for filling a shape might be to intersect Paths of a shape and a regular pattern, then with the Path Selection Tool selected use the »Combine«-button in the Options Bar and »Stroke path with brush« with an appropriately randomized Brush.


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                    paraberto Level 1

                    You are great.
                    Thank you for so many options