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    Rendered Credit Rolls Aren't Smooth

    dstack1014 Newcomer

      This is more of a statement of disappointment, and/or challenge that I'm issuing rather than a question. Prove me wrong here, but no matter how I modify my credit rolls font or speed, and render settings I cannot get a SMOOTH credit roll. I'm very disappointed with Adobe on this and I get much better results in Sony Vegas. I've read a number of suggestions and NOTHING helped. Anyone want to step up to the plate here? Unfortunately for me I'm not getting paid from Sony to say this.


      If you can prove me wrong and lead me from the error of my ways I'll gladly follow. I would prefer doing this in PP in the future.

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          SAFEHARBOR11 Rockstar

          What are the project settings? I only work with interlaced formats - 1080i for instance - and my credit rolls are smooth as can be. I imagine that progressive formats may be a bit rougher, or maybe viewing on the progressive computer screen has something to do with it. Have you actually created a DVD or Blu-ray to check final quality on a TV set? In the Program Monitor window, is Playback Resolution set to FULL? I use the Matrox MXO2 Mini hardware and so my 1080i credit roll goes LIVE from the Premiere Sequence straight out to a full HD display via HDMI and looks sweet in realtime. Super smooth


          Jeff Pulera

          Safe Harbor Computers

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            dstack1014 Newcomer

            We're in SD here.


            Editing mode: Blackmagic NTSC DV

            Timebase: 29.97fps


            Video Settings

            Frame size: 720h 480v (0.9091)

            Frame rate: 29.97 frames/second

            Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9091)

            Fields: Lower Field First

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              SCAPsinger Pioneer

              Check your playback settings to be sure you're looking at both fields when you preview the rolls. Also, avoid using serif fonts or very thin font styles in an interlaced sequence.


              Other than that, nothing comes to mind. One thing I've never had issue with in PPro is the scrolling/rolling title appearance...always smooth for me.


              Hope this helps!

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                dstack1014 Newcomer

                I've tried every possible combination of field options, and I use the basic arial font. The only option I get when I bring up playback settings is whether to "Turn Off Drop Frame Warning" or not in the check box.

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                  SAFEHARBOR11 Rockstar

                  Right-click in Program Monitor window, that is where you can see playback quality options in Premiere itself



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                    Stan Jones Ninja

                    What does it look like when exported? If the same as preview, can you post a short clip?

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                      dstack1014 Newcomer

                      I'm strickly talking exported media on an external monitor. Here's a link were you can download the PP version (49MB) and match it up against Vegas (34.4MB) in the AVI format. In this particular speed Vegas isn't perfect either, but it's not flickering like the PP clip. I'm also using an external LG flatscreen monitor that will show any flaw in the video. I spent hours messing with this back in October when I also had a 34" Toshiba to use as a second external. It looked bad on both.


                      BTW, the link is only good for 14 days readers stumbling along this in the future.

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                        SAFEHARBOR11 Rockstar

                        May I suggest testing using an old-fashioned CRT? I get all kinds of weirdness when sending NTSC to an HD display, so I still keep a CRT on hand for quality-checking the occasional SD project. You never know what the monitor is doing in terms of scaling or whatever that will not show the true source quality. Could be that simple, that the DISPLAY is the culprit.Or is the 34" a CRT?


                        Jeff Pulera

                        Safe Harbor Computers

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                          Stan Jones Ninja

                          Viewed with VLC on Wndows 7.


                          While the Vegas is better, both do not look good and both show jerkiness.


                          Will any roll look good at that speed?


                          I can't find a good link, but try this one?




                          What speed are you using? How does it look slowed down?

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                            dstack1014 Newcomer

                            Stan, I have this roll at so many different speeds. I get basically the same results regardless.

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                              dstack1014 Newcomer

                              Jeff, good point, and I've considered that.  I'll have my office mate check them out on his old CTR when he's available. However when people watch our shows on the Discovery Channel they're not going to be watching on a CTR that handles flawed video with ease.

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                                dstack1014 Newcomer

                                CTR results are in. [drum roll.................................................]


                                The Vegas looked absolutely beautiful and smooth (other than a little breakup of the titling).


                                The PP clip still flickered although slightly. Once again though, people don't watch our shows on these industrial CTR monitors.

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                                  EditorPete Newcomer


                                  My experience with credit rolls are sometimes painful like yours. But Jeff is correct in saying the CRT will give you the best look in a SD output. All LCD's are progressive based, so you will get a jumpyness to your roll in an intelaced sequence. If your airing on Discovery Channel, why are you editing in SD?? Maybe try asking if they will except a SD 29.97 progressive file. PP can do a custom setup for your project in that mode. Maybe that would help?

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                                    dstack1014 Newcomer

                                    Hey Pete.  Why watch it on a CTR monitor if the people watching our shows aren't using CTR monitors? As I addressed on the comment above yours it doesn't even look great on a CTR. It still flickers. Even if I found a monitor that it looks good on, that won't solve the problem if it looks like crap on flat screens that people are using.


                                    As for Discovery in HD...

                                    1) we're a long way from transitioning our shows to HD, and

                                    2) we really have no urgency to switch. 


                                    All of our outlets broadcast in SD. We're shooting more in HD, and most of our NLE systems can handle HD, but I'm more interested in first switching us to all digital transfer and get away from Beta SP in our delivery. Since the first of the year we've finally upgraded our internet and have been able to switch about 80 percent of our shows from Beta to a digital transfer of some kind including FTP, hard drives, or data DVDs, or even standard DVDs. Believe it or not, we were completely unable to get Discovery Channel to switch from Beta.


                                    Now I'm way off subject, but thought you'd be interested to know since you asked. Since I'm off subject we do a number of "paid programming" in an educational format in segments that are similar to news packages. Terry Bradshaw hosts a number of our shows that can be easily be found on Facebook... FYI

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                                      EditorPete Newcomer


                                      Well, some people still have CRT's in there home. I have an HD monitor in my family room, but a CRT in my bedroom. Even though alot of people have HD monitors, they still aren't paying for the HD service from their provider. So that brings up lots of issues and how things look within our post production world. Title safe areas and frame rates are the start. But thats a whole different subject.


                                      The reasoning behind looking at your credit roll on a CRT is because it is an interlaced based monitor. I'm assuming your SD project is interlaced, (field based) so thats why you will get the best results on it.


                                      You can never control what kind of monitors people have or what your work will look like on them. You just have to trust that what you are outputting will be the purest it can be on your end. Hence, looking at the correct monitor for your standard of editing and output, interlaced vs progressive.