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    One little question about searching partial text in object name


      Hello Everyone,


      I have searched a bit but couldn't find an answer about this.


      I am a Freehand user and i am currently using navigation names for differents items. Works perfectly good.


      But now i need to search part of the items name.


      For example i have the objects named in the nabigation panel as:

      - "ItemA-rotation" for the first group of items

      - "ItemB-static" for the second group of items


      as for now i can search for all the items A by typing in the search graphic panel "ItemA-rotation" but i would like to find both item A and B by typing a unique search request.

      Is it possible to write something like: "*Item*" to search every items that contains the part "Item" in the full name ?


      Thank you for your future answers.


      PS: i am using Mac os X with Freehand MX.