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    Slow speed on modern computer: this cant be real

    hsdufhsjkdf Community Member

      I am running LR 3.6 on my desktop (i5 2500, 8GB ram, processor graphics, Crucial M4 128GB SSD) and on my laptop(2010)  (i5, 4gb Ram) with great smoothness. The programm beautifully deals with my 5d Mark II files without any hesitation or delay.


      Today I downloaded the test version of LR4 and I have to say I am deeply disappointed. The sliders dont react smoothjly anymore, even on my powerful desktop. I have heard of many performance issues with earlier versions of Lightroom (2.0, 3.0) but I never experienced those. This Time I am being hit hard. The program is basically unusable as the the sliders will move only a second after you have dragged them. It is impossible to adjust them precisly.


      Please help! This cant right. The programm is basically the same as LR 3.6 ( at least I canT make out any game changing improvements, safe for a few featrues and renaming of the sliders). If it cant run on a 2011 computer handling files from a 2008 camera, I dont  see any point in upgrading. I need a functioning and quick professional workflow tool. Not an unfinished buggy beta product, which is too slow to work with!

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          Dorin Nicolaescu-Musteață Community Member

          What is screen resolution?


          If you turn off some panels (especially Lens Correction and Details) and Highlights, Shadows and Clarity, delele any local corrections, does is still lag?


          I have and older dual-core CPU (a Clarckdale Core i3 550), quite a small 1280x1024 screen and Win7 x64. My basic sliders move quite smoothly in Develop in Fit mode with just the right panel showing. I'd say LR4 does about 10fps on 10 Mpx files and ~4 fps for 36 Mpx.


          Subjectively, Lens Corrections decrease performance by some 20%, all detail sliders take away another 20%. Grain might eat some performance too. Local correction can range from moderate to medium hit, depending on amount and controls used. And all these feel about the same as LR3.


          But the biggest hit is taken when using new 2012 controls: Highlights, Shadows and Clarity. If I use any of these, I can see perhaps a 5-10 fold drop in performance. LR3's Recovery, Fill and Clarity were not near as CPU-intensice as that.

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            -Agfaclack- Community Member

            no problems here.... but do we really need 20 threads about this?


            how about taking a look at the forum and add you complain to an already existing thread?


            or could a MOD merge the threads into one?

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              Morgan Moller Community Member

              I think you might be experiencing a bug. I create new catalogs for all my shoots, but a normal shoot with approx. 1000 images runs quite smoothly on my field laptop, and thats a Core 2 Duo 2.5Ghz with 4GB's of RAM. Almost an ancient machine, but great for fieldwork...


              Reinstall it maybe or reset the preferences?

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                Keith_Reeder Community Member

                -Agfaclack- wrote:


                but do we really need 20 threads about this?


                No, we really, really don't.