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    AME suddenly doesn't work


      AME 5.0.1


      I drag files to the queue ( it doesn't seem to matter what type of file - in this case I'm using a variety of formats of mov. Apple ProRes422, h264...).

      Everything looks fine at this point. It's when I go into edit the preset it either shows me the edit window and the preview just says rendering for the original and snow for the ouput, or it just freezes.

      If I just select a preset from the drop down and tell it to start the queue, the queue just hangs with not time elapse.


      Running Mac 0S 10.6.8





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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          This sounds like something has gotten into a bad state--perhaps a process that's hung. Have you rebooted the system since this started happening?

          If not, then before trying that, I recommend closing AME and the program(s) that you're using with it [Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash, ...], and then checking Activity Monitor for any processes that remain behind after about 20-30 seconds. The main ones to look for are:

          • Adobe Media Encoder
          • Adobe QT32 Server
          • dynamiclinkmanager
          • PProHeadless


          If any of these is still shown in Activity Monitor a minute after closing the last Adobe app, use the Force Quit command to kill it. Then relaunch AME, clear everything from the queue, reimport your files, and see whether you can change export settings.

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            miscme2 Level 1

            Hi Mark,


            Thanks for getting back to me.


            I had already tried rebooting the machine and that didn't fix it.

            I've tried what you say below and AME still crashed. In the activity

            monitor, it says that AME is using 105% cpu or more and lingers one until I

            force quit.


            anything else I can try?




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              miscme2 Level 1

              OK, so I think I've figured something out. There is one particular format

              of video that seems to be screwing things up - Apple XD Cam EX.

              It seems that just having adding that to the queue screwed up something - I

              tried a different file format after restarting my computer again and it's



              thanks again




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