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    Spelling in Danish?

    mich_2 Level 1

      I have Microsoft Word 2010 and there I have the spelling and grammar checker both in English and Danish. The files I have found and named the following.

      "ExcludeDictionaryEN0c09. lex – ExcludeDictionaryEN0809. lex – ExcludeDictionaryDA0406. lex – ExcludeDictionaryEN0409. lex"

      I use InDesign CS 5.5 very much.  I note that the spelling and grammar checker-English.

      I hope there is someone who can help me with the following – in advance thank you!:

      How can I get a link from within InDesign over to Microsoft Word 2010´s Danish dictionary (ExcludeDictionaryDA0406. lex) and possibly the other-lex files?

      Have Adobe a Danish dictionary, I can download and put in?

      What can I do to get a Danish dictionary created in InDesign?

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          First off, you'd have a lot more luck in the InDesign forum (devoted to the app, really busy, lots of knowledgeable people posting) as opposed to the Design forum where you actually posted (almost no traffic, supposed to be about design issues, not the InDesign application).


          However, to answer your question: you won't be using the Microsoft Word dictionaries, as they are going to be in a file format that InDesign does not understand. InDesign has a built-in Danish dictionary, I think - you can select some text and then select Danish from the Language dropdown. Or, you can define the language in a paragraph or character style. I have never worked in Danish and have no experience with the usefulness of the built-in Danish dictionary:




          In addition, CS5.5 has support for free Hunspell dictionaries which you can download and install - see the help section on "Hyphenation and spelling dictionaries." But the MS Word dictionaries will not work.

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            mich_2 Level 1

            Hello Joel

            Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I have now tried your instructions and it seems to work. Regarding Hunspell dictionaries available, I have not found them yet, but it is coming! Once  again thanks for your help!!!!!!

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