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    Blue screen paint

    Brit.b Level 1

      Does anyone have any idea where to find the best color sample for a blue screen on line? I bought some paint  (touquie-sky blue -called "curious blue") but it doesn't quite work.blue screen paint.jpgblue screen bug.jpg

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          Stephen_Spider Level 3

          It will work with better light and color separation.


          Try using ultra key.


          Green  is prefered for digital post production.

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            Powered by Design Level 4

            That surface was so rough.


            If you going to be doing things like filming that bug then I think chroma paper might be the better way to go.






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              Level 4

              Being St. Patrick's Day... I would stick with the green key....and light that bug with special bug lighting...


              ( tiny little HMI or Tungsten units )


              Maybe give that bug a little sniff of Guinness Stout and then hold stout just out of frame so the bug follows the scent and walks in the right direction etc...




              THINK GREEN !

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                Powered by Design Level 4

                I like the way your thinking Rod.


                Hope work is going good for you.


                You still doing the Pam Am thing ?




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                  Brit.b Level 1

                  The ultra key did the trick - or at least it is getting there.


                  I’m in a rural small city in New Zealand so Chroma paper is hard to come by, and the local stationary stores only have rough textured cheap colored paper. You are right, that paint brush texture becomes positively mountainous with those tiny bugs, so I probably should sand and repaint with a darker blue and with a fine texture roller, but the ultra key does a much better job. 

                  bug ultra.jpg

                  (I found that the green key doesn’t work as well with the shadows –at least with my animations.) 

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                    Powered by Design Level 4

                    See if you can pick up a piece of masonite.  It is really smooth and easy to paint.


                    Much better then trying to sand that piece smooth.









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                      ahhh, thats good " bug " news... glad its getting better, good luck



                      Hope work is going good for you.


                      You still doing the Pam Am thing ?



                      no, show got cancelled last november ...now I'm looking at getting out of biz ( at least out of union stuff )...putting in for retirement next december.


                      might do something else ...might move to MN soon.. .everything up in air.


                      graphic card died...havent been doing any editing or tutorials etc since it died. using onboard vid now ( vga ).


                      hope all is well up in your neck of woods out there



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                        Powered by Design Level 4

                        I thought they brought Pan Am back.


                        I only watched one episode and it wasnt for me.


                        The lighting was good though.


                        That sucks about graphics card.


                        Time for a whole new system for you.  Mayby with CS6


                        Thats a big move from NY to MN, colder too.




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                          Level 4

                          yeah, pan am looked good. lots of post for green screen too .. like boardwalk empire.


                          learned a little about that stuff ( plate shots etc )...some cool editing stuff on sets, targets on ceilings for triangulation ( laser measured )

                          basically shooting alexa with a little camera on top pointing up to targets, going live to video (DIT station ) with that little camera, timecode etc,


                          2 hd sdi outputs from alexa plus recording to mem card in camera ( log c )


                          then add airplanes outside terminal and all that stuff in post.. lots of that.. kinda expensive to shoot.  being period piece adds to cost ( props, cars on streets, costumes, signs, .. all kinds of stuff to deal with )


                          nyc sucks. too expensive. must move. used to be OK... now not so good.. housing super expensive for single income. getting worse.


                          have friend in MN... nice church to join.. meet new people etc.  see what happens.



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                            Powered by Design Level 4

                            I really love the Alexa.


                            I was watching a video of the new 120fps and it looked sweet.




                            If only we could have cameras like that.  I guess it only takes money.  lol




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                              Level 4

                              that was pretty.. nice export too for youtube... end product.


                              nice and smooth slow mo etc.  especially considering the output to youtube.


                              I probably woulda shot at 56k instead of 32... so it wouldnt be " blue" sky etc.. and let the flames go hot ( warm in color .. red, whatever ).. and skin tone too from flame 'light etc "... Im not a big fan of blue skies at night like that... just a personal thing.


                              probably woulda just added some fill and one key for skin tone at 56k.. let flames be warm and streetlights in background etc.


                              dont know what they did in post with color...but you get the gist of what im saying


                              nice clip though... especially considering its on youtube ( who know what they do )