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    Pause points are unclear - attention Lilybiri


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          Lilybiri Legend

          Sorry, missed this new thread. Mail only got in now.


          Did you replace the Success/Failure captions by custom captions (see Feedback...)? The submit button is the default button from the question slide I suppose, but did you delete the Success/Failure captions? What is the action On Success in the Quiz Properties? And did you provide infinite attempts in case of failure? I always use the Quizzing workspace when creating question slides to have both the Properties and the Quiz Properties visible. Could you have a look at the link I posted to the blog post?




          Sorry, did see you have infinite attempts and the Continue on Success is replaced by Go to Next Slide. But this will only be executed after the second step, normally activated by Y or click on the slide, and if the answer is correct.

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            nickcab Newcomer

            I removed the success/failure captions completly.  I just need the user to forward to the next slide to receive feedback.  I have the option set to infinite attempts.  Is this correct?  It is just ture or false statements.

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              We are living in different time zones, your last answer arrived when I was sleeping.


              Still do not know if you read my blog post. Why did you remove the success/failure captions, instead of customizing them to give the proper feedback for correct/wrong answers? Since you do set the attempts on question level to infinite, the Submit button (I hope you did not delete that one?) will only advance to the next slide if the answer is correct. If the answer is wrong, since you set it at infinite attempts the user should get the message to Retry - hope you didn't remover that one as well -  until he has the correct answer. It would be a lot better if you kept the natural work flow for question slides, and put the feedback in the Success/Failure captions, at least if you want indeed to have infinite attempts. The other way is to construct your own question slides, which is a lot more work but gives you total control.


              Please, please read my blog post. I started to blog to be able to explain everything more in detail, question slides are a topic that often appears here in the forum. And it is because you do not know the functionalities of those Captivate question slides that you are now in trouble. Here is the link again (there is a second part as well, but you'll find what you need now in this first part):


              Question Question slides


              Sorry if I sound a bit rude, you have to understand that I do put a lot of hours in all the blog posts to help other users.



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                nickcab Newcomer

                Thanks so much for your assistance.  After readying your blog I decided to just recreate the questions again and it worked.