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    P2 720p 59.94 importing error in video

    ENG Dean

      I’m seeing a little vertical green line, about 3 or 4 pixels wide on the right side of the screen whenever I import 720p footage from P2. It doesn’t matter what the sequence settings are. It appears in any sequence settings, 1080i or 720p. It only appears on 720p footage. I have tried the playback setting to no avail. The line appears in not only in the viewer windows, but it can be seen on the exported video as well. I know my camera is not causing it because the 720p files good in Final Cut, and Apple finder preview. I have attached a still jpeg taken from a time line. Well, it's hard to see in this attachment but if you drag the image to your desk top you can see it. 

      Does anybody have an idea what’s causing this?

      green line example.jpg