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    Coldfusion Report how to show WYSIWYG editor input data that store in a clob column?



      My scenario is: From application I have key-in data that using WYSIWYG editor with various format like font color, background color, alignment, bold, italic, etc. And store to a column type CLOB (I am using Oracle DB).

      Now I have to show this data on ColdFusion Report that using a CFR template in exactly format as it is. I have ticked the XHTML check box for the field property on ColdFusion Report Builder design for this report.

      Anyone have any solution for this issue.

      I see someone have the same issue here: http://forums.adobe....3057027#3057027

      But never has any answer for it (even from Adobe support team).


      If i format the text that using the Coldfusion Report Builder then everything appear excillent. So it must be had some solutions to format the WYSIWYG Editor data to the format that Coldfusion Report can understand and render correctly.

      Any answer, I am highly appreciate :)