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    Opening older images

    AnotherDavid Level 1

      I am using Win 7, CS5, Bridge 4.1. I have many .jpg images from 5 to 10 years ago stored on an external USB drive. These are original unadulterated .jpgs straight from the camera. In the past I have worked on copies of them in PS 7. They pop up immediately in Irfanview Thumbnails, and will open in Irfanview. But when I try to view them in Bridge I just see place-holders, (blank boxes) with the file names, but no image. If I try to open them in Bridge it freezes and has to be shut down. I'd like to go back and work on some of these images in CS5. Any suggestions?



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Can these images be opened successfully with an external viewer, e.g., Windows Photo Viewer, or IrfanView?



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            AnotherDavid Level 1

            Yes, as I said they appeaerd in Irfanview Thumbnails, and opened in Irfanview. And it's not a drive problem because newer images on the disk, last year for instance, open normally. I've discovered another curious thing, if I copy an image to the C drive I can see it in Bridge, and open it in ACR, everything works normally. I suppose I could copy the whole thing, folders and sub folders, and then copy them back again.


            Wait, wait, I just copied the image back to the USB drive, original folder, and guess what? Everything is normal, Bridge can see all the images. It'll have to go down as "just one of those things."


            Thanks again for your response.