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    RoboHelp 9 crashes frequently when saving or save all

    sharris25 Level 1



      I'll try to give as much information as possible on this and hopefully someone will know a solution. If you need anymore information that

      I mght have forgotten, I'll gladly supply it.


      So, the basic problem is that RoboHelp 9 frequently crashes when I do a save or save all. 4 out of 5 times it won't crash, but usually after a few

      successful saves it will crash. And it crashes even more frequently when I insert an image, usually right after I insert the image and then save.


      So, here's the deal. The Sr. Tech Writer and I are both working on a small RoboHelp project that will demo a new Web Help Center for

      our company's customer facing website. There is already a very old Web Help Center on the website that was created with an older version

      of RoboHelp, and we're seeking to update that project. This involves importing the old HTML files from the old project into RoboHelp 9, and

      updating the existing files. We have two main project files at the moment and we are working out of a shared network folder. I know normally

      that working out of a network folder would be the issue, but his project has not given him any problems at all. My project is the only one that crashes when I try to save it.


      I honestly think it has something to do with the images, because we have to use SnagIt to take new screenshots. At first, I saved the screenshots to

      the SnagIt folder, but I thought that may be causing a problem in that RoboHelp couldn't save them in that location. So, I moved all the new screenshots associated with the

      project into the project folder and saved every new screenshot into the project folder. I also amde sure that none of the images were anywhere else in the local and network drive.

      That didn't solve the issue.


      I hope this makes snese. I don't know what else to try. If anyone knows another method I could try I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.