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    The 10.1.2 update REMOVED the ability to accurately print to scale


      Yesterday my AcrobatX 10.1.1 was updated to 10.1.2.


      HELP!!! This update REMOVED the ability to accurately print to scale on paper sizes other the the pdf's default size. I have wasted two hours this morning trying to make it work. Where tutorials are updated to 10.1.2, they do not say you can do this. The video is out of date, shows the dialog where we COULD do it.


      It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that our engineers print TO SCALE if an 11x17 pdf needs to be printed at 200% to a 22x34 large format plotter, or the 22x34 pdf needs to be printed at 50% to an 11x17 printed page.


      This was the very reason we all moved to AcrobatX, and it DID work until yesterday! I could print as image to scale by choosing the tiled option, but the correct size paper, and choose the scaling. Now if I choose my larger format printer to scale up, I'm not even allowed to pick Tile, because it's now "Poster" and will only print a scaled image on many pages.


      I'm concerned the engineers in my office, and especially in other offices, have not in the past understood that "Fit" is not scaling properly to print,  that that option only gets you 194% instead of 200%. I have had to teach them how to print to scale. NOW you ALSO no longer display the information that it will be 194%.  It's like you were trying to hide the fact that it won't scale.


      I'm going to attempt to downgrade back to 10.1.1, but even if that does work for our office, I expect to have to deal with MANY support requests of "Why is your drawing not to scale?" because others can't print it to scale anymore.


      Please tell me you will fix this ASAP!!!!


      Better yet, tell me I'm wrong, and here's how you do it, I'll distribute that info with every drawing I send out.

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          Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

          Do you get the correct result if you select your Page Size (22x34), then check the actual size tick box in the Size area, and then under the Poster option select 200%?

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            nuteengineering Level 1



            Please see the series of screenshots attached.




            In this example, I have an 11x17 size pdf, to scale from AutoCAD. I am attempting to print to our large format plotter, 22x34, at 200%.




            I followed your instructions, selecting the Jet1055CM plotter, and in Properties for the plotter, the 22x34 as default.




            Actual Size box ticked, and Auto portrait/landscape (to center, per another discussion subject---BRING IT BACK, as a separate button) then in the Page Setup dialog, confirmed 22x34, landscape.




            Choose “Poster”, select 200%, and it will tile that over two 22x34 pages, making the total print area 43.99 x 34, even though it WILL fit within the margins on my plotter. No way to force it to one page.


            (by the way, the “Poster” choice is NOT available when I want to print to the Xerox Phaser large format 11x17, from any pdf page size)




            Thank you for your response, but I tried this.

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              Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

              When you've got Poster and 200% selected, does it make any difference if you select Page Setup and reset the Paper size dimensions? I don't have a large format printer but I did have a similar experience when I did something in the background with the default printer. Then when I returned to the Print dialog, the pages were tiled so I had to reset it.

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                nuteengineering Level 1

                Thanks, Lori, I did that several times yesterday, no good.


                What did allow me to SEE printing on one page at 200% is choosing 24x36 in Page Setup, when I wanted 22x34. That won’t print on the plotter, though, as I have 34” roll paper loaded, and the plotter complains the paper is too small. Then it cuts off a portion.




                Seems Acrobat is adding a 1” margin all around, even though my plotter will print to within .4” of the edge of paper. Our borders are all set at .5” from edge of paper, and Acrobat will not ALLOW that setting. Absolutely refuses. You can see the grayed out  boxes with 1” shown for margins in the screenshot “11x17 trying to print to 22x34-3.jpg” I sent Tuesday. Could that be the reason?




                But WHY is it refusing in 10.1.2, and accepting the margins in 10.1.1???




                And what can I do?? This is CRIPPLING. My current path is down-date, if I can, and then never update again, or ditch Acrobat and find a program that WILL do it.

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                  InSite Architects

                  I'm wasting time on this exact issue this afternoon.  Not much of an update if you take out useful functions.  I'll try the downgrade, and see what happens.  Of course, if I disable updates, I'll never know if it's been fixed.


                  How about you restore the scale display, plus add the ability to specify the scale, which should have been there in the first place!


                  It's too bad DWF went the way of Betamax.  It was actually useful for technical drawings.




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                    nuteengineering Level 1



                    Were you able to "down-date" to an earlier version of Acrobat 10? I was unsuccessful, in that every patch, downloaded as 10.1.1, or earlier, still said it was updating to 10.1.2, and that's what I still had. Next is complete uninstall, reinstall, and only patch to 10.1.1, wish me luck finding the time to do that.


                    Yes, DWF was handy and had better tools for the drawings we do, but clients balked at installing a viewer when they always have Abrobat Reader. Several sent back dwfs and asked for pdfs.


                    As a twist of fate, I am now having to open pdfs in Autodesk Design Review, because I can print to scale from THAT. If you don't have that, it's a free program, download from Autodesk website, or it comes with their software packages.



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                      InSite Architects Level 1



                      I only got as far as looking for the update in "Add or Remove Programs."  Then I ran left for the day and never got back to it.


                      There is an option to specify the printed scale, but it rejects the appropriate paper size.  Pretty useless for what we need to do.


                      The workaround that we've used for years is to define a full-bleed half-size sheet in the plotter, and let Acrobat scale to fit.  The downside is that without the recently removed scale display, you're left hoping that it's correct.


                      Yes, we had clients reject DWF, too.  That was the point of my Betamax reference.  Sadly, aggressive marketing usually trumps quality in the marketplace.


                      Thanks for the tip on Design Review.  We do have it, but I've never used it to open PDFs.



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                        I have the same problem, have pdf drawings from consultants so I can not make a half size pdf.  I don't understand why you would take the scale factor option off the print dialog, this is 1980s tech for petes sake.



                        foxit reader does scaled pdf printing exactly how you'd like it to, seems to run a bit quicker with large pdfs too.

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                          I have had a very similar problem and figured out three workarounds.


                          The problem: I can no longer print from Adobe Acrobat Professional to a print size that is not the default for that printer.  Here's what I mean - I have a Brother printer both at work and at home; it has two paper trays, each of which is loaded with a different size paper.  The default paper size (set up in the Windows print dialog - go to Printer --> Properties --> Printing Preferences) is 8 1/2 x 11.  The other tray has 11x17 paper.  If I try to print from Adobe Acrobat Professional to the 11x17 tray, it doesn't work.  It doesn't matter if I choose the paper source by PDF size, choose the correct tray rather than having it automatically choose a tray, choose a paper size for the printer, or whatnot.  I've gone through every possible option in the print dialog and nothing works.  The printer spits out a blank sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 and gives me the error message "Wrong paper size"... and it thinks it's the wrong paper size because it is trying to use the 8 1/2 x 11 paper in the default tray, not the correct paper in the 11x17 tray.  Please note that, until a few weeks ago, it worked fine.  Then the same problem happened almost simultaneously at home and at work.  I have concluded that this is a problem only with the latest update to Acrobat Professional, as I have different versions of Acrobat Professional at home and work, and both of them have the issue.  Other programs do not have this problem, so it is not the printer software.


                          Workaround #1: print from Acrobat Reader, not Acrobat Professional.  It does not have the issue.


                          Workaround #2: if you have a computer (such as my home computer) with an operating system that is incompatible with Adobe Reader, download Foxit Reader or some such free program (thank you, jsnock, for the tip).  Foxit works like a charm.  (ARE YOU READING THIS, ADOBE?! YOU ARE LOSING MY BUSINESS TO A *FREE* PROGRAM THAT IS WIDELY AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET)


                          Workaround #3: as nuteengineering helpfully pointed out, you can print PDFs from Autodesk Design Review, which is a free download but probably a bigger / slower program than what you need unless you're an architecture/engineering firm.


                          Workaround #4: if your place of business has tight controls on what can be downloaded and you absolutely can ONLY use Acrobat Professional, you have to change the default print setting for the printer you are trying to print to.  Go to the Windows print dialog (the one in the Windows control panel or start menu or whatnot, NOT the print dialog in Acrobat) and change the paper size for the printer you need to print to (in my case, this involved changing the Brother's default paper size to 11x17).  Print your document.  Go through the whole process again to change the setting back, because presumably the reason it's your default is because that is the size you print most often and will most likely print to next time.


                          Hope this helps somebody.


                          ADOBE: Please fix this issue!  Many people are having this problem - not just us, but other architects I have spoken to as well.

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                            nuteengineering Level 1

                            UPDATE ABOUT NEW UPDATE 10.1.3 --- SURPRISE!!! They not only did not fix this, they made it even WORSE.


                            Now, even if I choose 24x36 paper to print an 11x17 at 200% (it would print on the proper 22x34 paper in version 10.1.1) and which would show as scaling in the poster mode on 10.1.2, it will not even hint that it is scaled now. Says 200%, shows tiny in the middle of a huge piece of paper.


                            In one iteration, my 11x17 was actual sized, in the upper left corner of a 22x34 even while tiled size said 200%.

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                              sonal2890 Adobe Employee

                              Dear user,

                              Please check that you have not checked ON 'Tile only large pages' under Poster options. 11x17 is small size on 22x34 paper so it will not get poster if this option is checked ON and will give the actual size output in upper right corner of the page.

                              Hope it helps.

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                                Greetings, I suddenly had this mysterious issue as well. After an update my patient forms suddenly stopped printing the edges of the header and footer.  Essentially the margins had been reduced. I tried a variety of things and this simple print option fixed everything. The print menu screen has a Comments & Forms section; select the Document & Markup option.  I can now print to edge/scale again.  I hope this helps some of you.