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    Please put Pathfinder back the way it was.

    John Stanowski Level 2

      In CS4 you have to suddenly hold down the Option key when using a Pathfinder operation to make a Compound Path. Before this behavior didn't require the Option key. You had to hit the Expand button if you wanted to. It's kind of ridiculous now, don't you think? Why did you bother to leave the Expand button there?


      I realize "a lot of people expected a different behavior" when using Pathfinder. At first I was one of them. I came over from Corel Draw and was annoyed at the way the Pathfinder worked. But now I appreciate it and am a little annoyed I have to remember the secret keyboard shortcut to make it behave as it used to.


      Couldn't you at least make it a Preference Setting?

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          Nostrademption Level 1

          I second this! I haven't used Illustrator for a couple of years now and to my horror certain operations now work in the 'reverse'... damn nuisance!


          Illustrator is a complicated enough toolbox already without Adobe moving the goalposts to make us re-learn constantly that which we thought we'd already learned!


          Turn back the clock please.... CS 6 at least!


          Adobe fast following Corel down the tubes....


          Couldn't agree more with this post... the expand button is now a freaking joke!

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            John Stanowski Level 2

            I also second it. It's. Just. Dumb.

            Illustrator already makes us jump through hoops by requiring multiple steps for simple tasks.

            Why bother all the pros just to save some confused newbies an extra step by pressing the big, obvious "Expand" button.


            BTW, what's wrong with Corel DRAW? It's 10 times friendlier and easier to work with than Illustrator.

            I feel I'm not a vector designer anymore since I switched. AI is such a bother.