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    Updating v9 book in v10

    Dennis Vied Level 1

      When I try to update a book created in FM9, I get multiple error messages that the file can't be opened because it was created in a previous version.  What's up with that?

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          NakshatraB Adobe Employee

          Hi Dennis,


          FrameMaker refrains from saving all the older version fm documents in a book when they are not open. This prohibits silent(without the user being aware) saving of fm documents to a later version.

          To accomplish Book Update for such a case, open all book components and then update the book OR open-save-close all book components and then perform the book updation.


          #Tip: Try clicking Shift+File menu to explore more book wide commands in the File sub-menu.



          Nakshatra Bhardwaj,

          FrameMaker Engineering

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            Dennis Vied Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.


            It's a very clumsy implementation, however.  Might I suggest that a simple notification that you risk saving in a later version, giving you the option to do so, and then continue with the update?  As it is, you proceed with the update, then get a status message with multiple errors that the files can't be saved, and not a clue as to how to proceed to accomplish what you set out to do.


            Like this:


            "Hey, comrade, I see you want to update this book.  If you do, you will save all the documents in your new version.  Is that ok?  Otherwise, you will need to save them under a new file name. Proceed, or save under a new file name?"


            Instead of:


            "Ok, update.  Wait a minute, I can't save that file, .....I can't save that file....I can't save that file....can't save that one either..... can't save that one....bomb out....goodbye..."



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              Mike Wickham Level 4

              That sounds like it would be a good thing to file as a feature request.

              Here is where you can do it:


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                Dennis Vied Level 1



                Thanks, Mike.  Good idea!