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    Blackberry Playbook + Android = Adobe Content Viewer not playing latest builds (PDF Stacks)




      My client wants to create digital publication on the iPad, Android Tablet and Blackberry Playbook.


      I've install the latest FOLIO Producer (FolioProducerTools-CS55-1-9-1.zip) and FOLIO Panel (FolioPanel-CS55-12_1_3.zip) in Adobe CS 5.5 (PC) and i've created a test folio (with PDF Stacks including multimedia elements (video + HTML 5)


      When I open the folio via Adobe Content Viewer on the iPad (with my Acrobat Account), everything is OK.


      But doing the same thing on the blackberry Playbook (OS 2 latest updates) with Adobe Content Viewer 2.1.1, I cannot download the FOLIO. I get an error message telling me to update the application.


      On Android version ( I can download the Folio, but cannot start it. I get an error message telling me PDF stacks are not supported.


      If I go through the process of creating an application, will i be able to use the latest Producer + Panel to create ONE application that i can publish on the Appstore, Android Market and Playbook Store ? If not, what version do I need to wait for ?


      When will the Adobe Content Viewer will be upgraded on Android and Adobe Playbook to support the latest folio versions ?


      If I have to REVERT my Indesign with previous version of Producer + Panle, what are the actual Producer + Panel to install to support each platform ? And do I have to have multiple PC to create the developement environments for each platform ?


      Thank you