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    I can't activate my Adobe creative suite 5.5 on one of my macs ????

    indikids Level 1

      I recently bought the creative suite 5.5 design standard - student and teacher edition. I downloaded it from a disc on my laptop and my imac as i'm sure it said I can use it on two computers on this website. They both seemed to work fine at first but when I try to start an adobe program on my imac a pop up says ACTIVATION REQUIRED. When I try the options it gives me - Retry activation - it says im not connected to the internet even though I am. I can't get hold of customer support and the final option says I have 21 days to complete activation before the product becomes disabled. Does this mean it will stop working on both my computers ??


      One of the problems may be that I have it on to many computers but i'm sure it said I can use it on two computers. Can anyone confirm this for me ?


      What should I do ??