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    Logo advanced/master techniques in Illustrator


      I've been using Illustrator and learning an immense amount in the program, but I know that there are still things I need to learn when it comes to designing logos.


      Here's a link to my portfolio work on 99designs:




      Based on what you see in my portfolio section (without being rude ); what advanced/master logo techniques should I learn?


      I am well aware that there are many Illustrator tutorials online (like http://vector.tutsplus.com/) but in terms of actually creating better logos; what techniques should I learn? (Like letterpressing effect or sticker effect technique)


      **And No I'm not interested in how bad crowdsourcing is for the designer; I mainly joined to learn and hone my skills and it's working. **

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your logos are uninspired, which is not an issue of specific techniques, but rather a problem with design. They just are what they are - knock-offs of other logos and it shows. If I may say so: Turn off the computer, have a little fun with pencil, ink and paper, scribble away. Then explore how you could transfer those designs into the digital world and learn the necessary techniques along teh way. Or, IOW: You are hampering yourself too much by thinking about how to do things before even knowing what to do, which limits the exploration of your own creativity and developing your own style.



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            Mathias17 Level 3

            Gotta echo Mylenium. Screw "master logo techniques". Sounds like you're only interested in eye candy effects.


            It's design principles and brand design theory that should be in the forefront of your mind. Computers and Illustrator are merely tools you use along the way.