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    How to quadruple Develop slider performance

    Lee Jay Level 4

      While the LR and ACR teams are working to find and fix the performance issues some are having with LR 4, I thought I'd share a tip that can quadruple the performance of the sliders in the Develop module.


      See attached image.


      If you can get the number of horizontal pixels displayed below the next break point, with break points being at 1/2, 1/4, 1/8th and so on of the number of horizontal pixels in the as-cropped image, Develop slider performance will quadruple.  You can do this by shrinking the window, opening additional panels, or expanding the panels that are already there.


      So, for example, if the as-cropped image is 6000x4000 and you are currently displaying 1501 horizontal pixels, you are under the 1/2 break point (3000), but over the 1/4 break point (1500).  So it'll perform the same as if you are displaying 3000 horizontal pixels.  Decreasing the size of your displayed image to 1499 horizontal pixels will quadruple performance.


      Maybe this can help some of you while the team works to find the problems and improve LR4's performance.  This trick is not unique to whatever the problems are - this would always work and will work even when the problems get fixed.