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    Would should or could there be performance difference of a flash file between computer and cd?

    subtlefly72 Level 1

      Hi team,

      I am working on this cd-rom and have just reached testing stage for part 1 (of 5).  There are lots of interactive activities, video and animations.  For the activities, I dont know if I am just too tired but there seems to be items which are visible on my .swf on my computer that sometimes are visible and sometimes are not visible on the cd-rom, also in testing yesterday there sere some activities that seemed to not be working correctly (Althought they perform fine on the desktop version, on a reset of the cd-rom they then seemed to work.  Is there anything that I need to take into account for the code being read off a CD to make it more bullet proof?  I am stressing out a bit at the Unknown factor- I cannot continue to produce this resource if I cannot guarantee how it will perform in real life?

      Any advice?