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    Radio Buttons

      I have built a flash movie that has 8 options which you can turn ON and OFF via radio buttons. Some of the options can not be on at the same time as others. (Example: Option 3 cannot be ON at the same time as Option 6.)

      Is there some code that I can attach to the radio buttons so that if Option 3 is turned ON and the user then clicks Options 6 ON, it will turn Option 3 to OFF?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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          well I think you can do an event handler when you click a radio button so you can probably check to see which ones are clicked when you click 6 and if 8 is clicked then disable it. go to the radio button and put an action on it like
          on (click) {
          whatever youw ant to do;
          you would do this for the 2 buttons you want to make sure are not on at the same time. maybe this will help idk good luck!