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    Soundbooth CS4 MacBook Line In Recording Issue


      I have looked through all the forums and not found a working solution to my problem.

      After recent complete re-install of both OS X and my entire Adobe Suite, I am no longer able to record in SouthBooth using the Line In option.

      It ALWAYS continues to record the built in microphone.

      I have gone into the OS X Preferences and set Line In as Input Device and it detects and responds just fine.

      In SoundBooth I open the Preferences and select the Line In option as well and designate it in the recording pop up window too. But still, it records the built in microphone.


      It didn't do this before. Everything used to work properly. So I am curious if something went foul when installing SoundBooth and if I should re-install it? Or is there a known update / patch that addresses recording issues?


      I'm running OS X 10.6.8 and SoundBooth CS4 2.0.1


      Thanks for any help you all have!