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    Indesign cs5.5 on mac osx 10.7.2 with 14GB Ram losing objects!

    matthewvh Level 1

      I wonder if anyone can hgelp me with the most bizarre issue i am having with Indesign CS 5.5?


      I am making up Catalogues with alot of eps images and text which iclude drop shadows and outer glows...etc.

      over the last day images are just vanishing of my pages, text frames and content are vanishing? i have double checked and i am sure the links are not missing and i did not delete the test!

      also when i save and quit my document and reopen it seems that more and more object just disapear?


      The second hassle im having is this stupid new feature of "live screen drawing" i have changed the setting to all three available options but when i do anything with any object, the frame moves then i wait for a few seconds (between 2 and 10 seconds) before the object moves how can i switch this off and get it to stop being so slow when moving, editing or anything??


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as i need to complete my catalogue by Friday morning 8 AM GMT +02h00