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    Need Help


      I bought the adobe createpdf, downloaded it and it didn't load.  Redid the printer like your site suggested, didn't work.  I accidently deleted the install program.  Initially why didn't this work, I've been messing with this all day, needless to say, a bit peeved. 

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          Dave Stromfeld Adobe Employee

          Hi, 005.

          I'm sorry for the issues that you're having. I see based on your Adobe ID (the email addres you used to post to this forum) that you've purchased our ExportPDF service. Did you purchase CreatePDF with a different Adobe ID (email address), or did you mean to purchase CreatePDF instead of ExportPDF?

          With ExportPDF, you won't be able to use the CreatePDF Desktop Printer, if that's what you mean by "printer".

          With some more information, we can get to the bottom of this and help you further.



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            *********005%%% Community Member

            I have a notebook, and I'm trying to convert my crochet patterns to pdf so

            I can sell them on line.

            AD004911118.  I tried to download the program, I'm having problems because

            I have Microsoft task launcher, which

            has the word processor and it  doesn't show in my documents, so I'm not

            sure that I can even use the appllication that I bought.

            Any help would be greatly appreciated

            Thanks you


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              Dave Stromfeld Adobe Employee


              Your order is for ExportPDF. You cannot create PDFs with ExportPDF. ExportPDF allows you to convert PDFs into Office files.

              If you'd like to create PDFs, you'll need a subscription to CreatePDF or you'll need to purchase Acrobat.

              If you'd like, we can cancel your ExportPDF order so that you can instead subscribe to CreatePDF.

              Please let me know how you'd like to proceed.


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                *********005%%% Community Member

                I would appreciate that, please cancel my order

                Thank you


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                  dave_m_k Adobe Employee

                  Good day Estella,


                  I have initiated a return of your ExportPDF subscription.  Your credit card will reflect this return within the next few days.


                  Have a great day!



                  Adobe Systems

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                    *********005%%% Community Member

                    Thank you