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    AIR for Android version (Transformer Prime, other keyboard dock tablets)?

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      Yes, I know this has been asked before, but I think it's a really important question. Adobe's excellent "Touch Apps" are all built in AIR and will come included with a Creative Cloud subscription. Story will also be part of CC, but why not as a mobile AIR app?


      I'm a Master Collection user, so I'm a perfect CC customer, but I've been using Celtx for screenwriting for my last few projects. I gave Story a try when it first came out and I liked it a lot, especially the UI design, but I just felt more comfortable using something that was out of Beta (remember, this was back before "free" period was extended indefinitely). The latest reviews have been incredibly positive, but I simply haven't found a compelling reason to abandon Celtx for it.


      Until now...


      I'm going to be starting on a new project in the next few months and I'd love for it to be written in Story, but I have a problem. Partly because of the inclusion of Touch Apps in a CC subscription, I'm thinking about getting a Transformer Prime Infinity when it comes out late next month, to replace my aging netbook. All I ever did on my netbook is write and browse the Internet, so it would be nice to replace it with an keyboard-docked Android tablet, so I can also access the Adobe Touch apps and develop tablet versions of my own AIR apps (again, Master Collection user here).


      But if this is going to be my new mobile office, I simply can't rely on the web version of Story. Aside from the fact that I'm not going to be online everywhere I go, mobile Flash Player is being discontinued, and I may prefer to use Firefox or Chrome instead of the native Android browser anyway.


      It seems like Story would make a perfect addition to the Touch App suite. Yes, I know it's not a "touch" app per se, but imagine the market share! I'm an Android fan, but nearly every "coffeshop screenwriter" owns an iPad, and many of them were foolish enough to get a bluetooth keyboard so they can use it to write, despite the complete lack of competitive screenwriting for it. Think of how quickly Story would be adopted by screenwriters with tablets, iOS and Android alike!


      Story could absolutely own that market, all thanks to the flexibility of AIR. Of course, creating a mobile version it's not as simple as checking "Android" in Flash Builder, but I can't imagine that the hurtles are that high. And by carving out that segment in mobile (aka basically everyone in 5 years), Adobe wouldn't need to compete directly with Final Draft, MMS, or Celtx on the desktop to achieve relevance in this market, not to mention attention from influential voices in screenwriting (iPad developer/Hollywood screenwriter/popular blogger John August, for example).


      But I'm sure Adobe knows all this already. This post is more of a personal plea. An AIR for Android version of Story would be the final lynchpin in my "giving my money to Adobe in 2012" strategy. Without it, I wouldn't get as much daily use out of an Android tablet, so I'd probably stick with my old netbook, and it would mean that the Touch App suite would be less attractive to me... and thus, and I'd be less compelled to purchase a CC subscription. Seriously, that alone would completely sell me on a CC subscription over upgrading my Master Collection (or even waiting until CS6.5 or CS7 if the upgrade price is too high).


      Again, I know this has been asked before, but any indication that the Story team has this on thier minds would go a long way. Thanks!!

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          I suppose I should clarify that what I'm interested in is a more-or-less straight port of the desktop app with support for tablets that have keyboard/trackpad docks, not nessessarily a touch-centric or finger-first UI redesign. I hope the Story team isn't holding back on a mobile AIR version for that reason.


          I also know that those kinds of "laptop-style" tablets are far less common, and I'm just now realizing that perhaps a focus on a touch-centric interface is why a moble AIR version has not been released yet (it's either in development or not as high of a priority), but while people have learned to type pretty well on a software keyboard, I'd still argue that a touch-centric version of Story would not be nearly as useful as a port of the desktop version.

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            I've almost given up on the Adobe Story team in delivering an Android port.   They are inactive, almost ignoring, in any thread related to Android.   It's actually like that on any Android-related thread on any Adobe forum.    It's a shame as I want to like Story, but so far Adobe has yet to deliver any meaningful expectations of it (or any of their other CC offerings) on Android.    I'd rather they just come out and say they don't support the platform so users know what to expect and look for apps elsewhere.