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    Changing opacity of multiple groups affects child layers/groups



      I was hoping this would be fixed, as it is an issue with CS5 as well, but it has not changed in this beta.


      Say I have three shape layers on the canvas.

      I add each shape to its own group.

      I then select all three groups and change the opacity to 50%.


      The top two groups (in the layer order) will change the group opacity to 50% AND the nested shape layer to 50%, effectively making the nested shape layer 25%.

      The bottom most group changes ONLY the group to 50% and not the nested shape, meaning the nested shape has an effective opacity of 50%.


      It doesn't seem logical to treat identical groups in different ways so I can only assume this is a bug.


      As an aside, I don't see why changing multiple group opacities needs to result in the alteration of nested items. I can't see any practical situations where this would be useful, in fact I personally find it frustrating. In the end I simply select the groups individually to change opacities, one by one, which pretty much renders the utility of simultaneously editing groups redundant... My 2 cents.