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    UI Feedback: Would prefer dialogs matched UI darkness setting

    Yazan Malkosh Community Member

      I am digging PS6s new look and feel. However it still feels like an add on instead of a complete UI improvement. I started with the new blur tools which are really cool. However once you use the older filters you are back to the same small preview window, limited control and a break in the UI theme. The filter gallery is especially annoying. Jumping in and out of it with the current UI really provides a bad experience switching between the dark gray and back to the light gray background. This is very straining on the eye. especially for those that work in dim conditions.


      Additionally, lack of color highlight on tool selections makes it harder to visbily track current selections in the UI. Its harder with the darker UI. Having a user specified color selection (yellow, blue...) would be an added welcome.


      Overall I appreciate they effort but I would like to see CS6 move towards a comprehensive experience. Great job and I look forward to the next build.