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    Mac Snow Leopard to Lion using CS4


      I am currently using Mac Snow Leopard (10.6.8).  I want to upgrade to Lion, but have heard / read horror stories regarding lack of compatibility with CS4.  This is my job, so I can't afford downtime.  Can someone offer advice, input, suggestions, please?  Thank you!

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          BobLevine Legend

          Don’t bother and don’t say you weren’t warned. There is nothing in Lion that is compelling enough to risk a production machine for.





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            Steve Werner Mythic

            If you're determined to keep CS4, Bob is right. Lion is a much better fit for CS5.5 or the upcoming CS6. Software updates and OS updates should move forward together.

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              job1970 Newcomer

              I'm not determined to keep CS4 ... right now my pocketbook is determined!  I've constantly wondered about this ... and finally decided to come to a forum to ask.  I definitely respect both of your answers --- and thank you.  I will be keeping CS4 and Snow Leopard and know that my world is going to be just fine until my pocketbook is overflowing with extra cash!!! 


              I had only purchased the Lion upgrade because it was very cheap.  It sits here on the desk and I keep thinking it is silly to not use it.  Now I will no longer wonder .... and the upgrade is being put away!