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    CS6 Beta first impressions

    peter/w Community Member

      Here is a list of things I noticed during a first test drive of the Photoshop CS6 Beta. This is a mixture of feature requests, bug reports and general observations. I just typed this up as I went along. I'm sorry I don't have enough time to file proper bug reports and feature requests, but I though this might still be useful feedback. These things are in no particular order (well, except in the order I noticed them), and I'm sure there are a quite a few grammar/spelling errors, but right now that's all the time I can invest, sorry.


      And even though this all sounds really negative (I basically just listed the annoying points since a list of good thigs probably isn't very useful), I am quite happy with the new version, congratulations to the team! I love the cat graphic on the splash screen by the way.


      All these things were tested on a MacBook (2008 I think) with OS X Snow Leopard and 8 GB of RAM. So here you go:


      • Ctrl+Some Key still not available as shortcuts (e.g. Cmd+H Hide Photoshop, Ctrl+H Hide Extras)
      • The aesthetic merit of the font choice in the about box/splash screen is debatable
      • Despite all the vector enhancements, Spacebar+drag still doesn't work in the Pen tool like it does in other Adobe applications
      • Paragraph and Character style definitions apparently cannot be shared with InDesign or Illustrator so far. There is no way to link to external style definition files, and no way to import or export. Since all these applications use the same text engine, this seems like a missed opportunity, requiring a lot of duplicate work on the user's part (not as much as in previous versions, though)
      • The title bar of the document window uses the system title bar and thus does not match the overall interface skin. If that is set to dark (which is the default), it calls attention to itself.
      • There is no way to hide the filter bar in the layers panel, making it waste screen space on laptop screens when it is not needed.
      • The Warp option in Free Transform was updated to add GPU acceleration, which is great. That would have been a perfect opportunity to make the number of subdivisions user-adjustable.
      • There are lots of new vector features. This would have been a perfect opportunity to integrate After Effects' mask and shape system (including effects like repeaters), resulting in increased compatibility for importing Photoshop files into AE. Besides, all enhancements would pay off double since two applications would benefit from them. That would also have added the option to feather vector shapes for use as soft vector masks (Photoshop's mask feather function seems to perform a blur and thus is significantly slower, plus it applies globally to all paths in the mask). Still, the vector features are very well implemented, even though Fireworks still seems to have a slight edge.
      • The red "active" indicator on the layers panel filter bar calls attention to itself. The entire application uses grayscale icons. While I can see why this indicator needs to be obvious, I think that is too much.
      • The "Scripted Pattern" function is not very intuitive to use without any kind of preview. Also, it is not really clear how to create your own scripts, edit the existing ones or even just adjust parameters.
      • The Fill dialog in general takes too many clicks with that popup menu. Using icons or something similar would save a lot of mouse miles/clicks.
      • There is still no way to directly load 50% gray as the foreground/background color. In photo retouching etc., this comes up a lot. Adding a little icon to the color picker in the toolbox with the ability to assign a shortcut would help a lot. Waiting for this since version 5 or so...
      • Curves still doesn't support editing the layer's alpha channel nor LAB mode (at least not without converting the entire document to LAB mode or a smart object).
      • The "File Info" is still the ugly inefficient Flash monster where everything takes ten times as long to do than it did with the old dialog it replaced a few versions back (mouse wheel doesn't work on tabs, text editing shortcuts are different/don't work, tabs instead of the InDesign-like list of categories and many more). Photomerge is still ugly, but at least it doesn't have such major usability issues. The interface is inconsistent enough already, why do these have to be Flash?!
      • Shift key during canvas rotation to constrain angles still only works when using the tool but is ignored when using a multitouch pad gesture
      • The minimum size on the new "Adjustments" panel is larger than necessary
      • There still seems to be no option to not hide all panels when activating another application, causing that visual jump and slight desorientation every time
      • That new pen tool cursor is huge
      • There are still no Lightroom-like info bubbles or indicator icons (like LR's process version upgrade warning) for entering Quick Mask, toggling Softproofing etc. that would alert the user when accidental keystrokes
      • Photoshop doesn't seem to ask the user to automatically migrate settings and presets from any previous version on first launch. The migrate presets function does nothing (don't know if this is an issue related to the computer I am testing this on).
      • The "Blend RGB Colors using Gamma" feature in the color management settings still seems to be global and not per document (not 100% sure, though). This results in files being displayed differently on different computers, which is not a good idea.
      • The line-based warping in "Adaptive Wide Angle" is only available within that filter as far as I can tell. This is a missed opportunity IMO. Being able to specify arbitrary source and destination paths to that algorithm would make for a very powerful warping tool.
      • I'm not exactly sure what caused it, but I managed to accidentally disable path anti-aliasing and I can't seem to find a way to switch it on again. No combinations in the GPU preferences under "Performance", including switching GPU acceleration off completely, restored it. This is either a bug or a usability problem. Personally, I think the option to antialias paths and guides should be located in the View menu, not hidden in the GPU preferences.
      • In the settings for a LUT adjustment layer, clicking any of the radio buttons will automatically pop up a file selection dialog, even if my intention was to use one of the presets. That file selection dialog also gives me no clue which file formats are supported (i.e the regular format popup is missing).
      • Both Cmd+Space and the zoom tool itself now seem to behave identically. There is no more way to drag a box, except to switch off "Scrubby Zoom" altogether. Using both methods in parallel (as I would prefer) is unfortunately no longer possible as far as I can tell.
      • The brush cursor in Liquify is always dark, making it hard to see on black surfaces for instance. "Advanced Mode" is also off by default. Since the entire thing is in a huge dialog box (a solution like Blur Gallery's interface would seem like a better way to do this by the way), there is no real benefit to hiding these controls since there are no UI elements that would benefit from the additional space. It just requires an additional click.
      • The Liquify preview flickers as I am typing this in a TextEdit window that is floating above it
      • Select > Color Range would benefit from buttons with icons for preview mode instead of a dropdown. Same for Curves (tabs would probably be best in that case, but at least we have the shortcuts for now)
      • The "Sample all Layers" option vanishes when switching the Patch tool from "Content Aware" to "Normal"


      That's it for now, thanks for listening.

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          -Agfaclack- Community Member

          adobe has done another nice (but boring) release.... at least boring for me.


          the improvements are nice and welcome.

          as small as they are (crop tool etc. ) im sure the workflow will be better.


          but lets be honest.... are you excited about the new photoshop CS 6?


          ACR 7 is the biggest improvement from my view... but i have bought LR4 already.
          so what..... i have to pay twice to get the functionallity into photoshop.


          content aware in the patch tool.. well yes.. but it´s still not usefull without manual work 90% of the time.
          nothing that makes me wish to upgrade.


          video.... nothing i need in photoshop. but im sure some will like it.


          but what about 16 and 32 BIT support for all filters?
          isn´t it time for that?


          plus some filters look very outdated.



          7 points from 10.

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            peter/w Community Member

            10-Bit monitor support is great, and background saving is huge. No more hitting Cmd+S by accident on big composites and then watching 10 minutes of progress bar fun could be worth the upgrade. Better Liquify performance and drag-resizing of the cursor is also a great thing, as is the restored and improved Lighting Effects. Paragraph/Character styles would be great if integrated with the rest of the suite applications, which it doesn't seem to do.


            Content Aware Move is pretty much useless (I want things to happen on layers in almost all cases), Blur Gallery is mostly a one-trick-pony home user feature (Lens Blur with a channel already does the trick when that type of thing is really needed, which is not that often), Adaptive Wide Angle is nice, but not something that I'd use often enough to justify an upgrade (I don't shoot with fisheye lenses except in very rare situations). The video timeline, while primarily intended for people shooting home videos, could be "abused" for quick things in a film post production workflow (animating storyboard sketches etc.). The crop tool and vector layers are nice, but don't justify an upgrade. Film LUT support is very nice, but unfortunately only one-way (i.e. you can't export a set of adjustment layers as a 3D or 2D LUT), I can imagine that is going to bother the film people who want to quickly establish a look in Photoshop and then import it into their Baselight/Scratch/Lustre etc.


            The changes to Camera Raw are great (tone control and the per-channel curves are huge), but I find that the new process currently lacks control over the midtones. When testing Lightroom, I needed roughly three times as many point curve adjustments as I did with earlier versions.


            The new activation system (annoying, weird, buggy, repeatedly popping up stuff, requiring an internet connection etc.) might be a reason to stay with CS5, as is the new zoom tool behavior.


            As far as I am concerned, the under the hood improvements and little things (00 to set opacity to 0 etc.) are more important than flashy features, and if I buy CS6, then it is for those. The deconvolution/de-blurring filter that was shown as a tech demo some time ago would have been the only thing that could have convinced me from a killer-feature point of view. If the Beta is already feature complete, InDesign is probably going to be the program that will drive suite upgrades (the intelligent page resizing and web output options are going to be welcomed by many people I guess), and I don't know what sort of magic the Illustrator team has been up to.


            There are no real exciting new Photoshop features for me, but a lot of the under the hood/small stuff looks excellent. Ideally I would have liked a combination, though.

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              Chris Cox Adobe Employee

              >> I can imagine that is going to bother the film people who want to quickly establish a look in Photoshop and then import it into their Baselight/Scratch/Lustre etc.


              The requests were almost all for the other direction: they have LUTs created elsewhere and want to use them in Photoshop while editing images (apply the creative look and preview LUT while retouching a backdrop).   And the people who most needs LUT support, already have multiple tools to create LUTs.  So LUT export was a secondary concern.   And I suspect that third parties might step up with LUT creation/export tools (though right now there are none for abstract or devicelink profiles, despite them being more powerful than the film industry ad-hoc LUT formats).

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                dkosiur Community Member

                I agree. As a photographer focusing [pun intended] on fine art still images, there's very little of interest to me in CS6. Right now I just want ACR 7 to work with my existing software (CS5 and Lightroom 4). Even the new way of treating the crop tool is not a deal-maker/deal-breaker. Photoshop is becoming more and more of a bloatware product. And I can do without all the content-aware tools ... plus I'm not fan of that ugly all-black (or dark gray) interface design; glad that I can change it to something more pleasing to my eyes.


                Beginning to think that -- for the first time -- I'll skip the Photoshop upgrade, upcoming subscription requirements or not.


                Please, oh please, get rid of that annoying startup message to join the discussion forum!

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                  -Agfaclack- Community Member

                  oh one thing that annoys the hell out of me is the filleting of a box seletcion when you expand a selection.

                  and yes,,,, i have set feathering to 0 pixel in the expand menu.


                  please change that, make an option to disable it... whatever.

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                    John Waller MVP

                    dkosiur wrote:


                    Beginning to think that -- for the first time -- I'll skip the Photoshop upgrade, upcoming subscription requirements or not.


                    Problem is Adobe's new 1-version-back (forced) upgrade model for perpetual license customers: CS7 upgrade will (presumably) only be available to CS6 users.

                    http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2011/11/adobe-creative-cloud-and-adobe-creative-suite -new-choices-for-customers.html?PID=2159997


                    Everyone else presumably pays full price.


                    Upgrade decisions are no longer based solely on compelling new or enhanced features. They're also based on your desire to still qualify for upgrade pricing for the next upgrade cycle.

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                      I am extremly satisfied with the new version One more thime BRAVO Adobe!

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                        c.pfaffenbichler Community Member

                        Blur Gallery is mostly a one-trick-pony home user feature

                        Seems Blur Gallery is destructive and cannot be applied as a Smart Filter (I’m ready to be corrected on this, though) – so I consider it useless for professional image editing, too.

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                          TLL... Community Member

                          "Everyone else presumably pays full price."


                          Or looks for a 'Jolly Roger' option. This new one-back policy guarantees increased piracy...

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                            rosecosep Community Member

                            The Warp option in Free Transform was updated to add GPU acceleration, which is great. That would have been a perfect opportunity to make the number of subdivisions user-adjustable.

                            Oh man. I have been dying for this one for years! It seems like it would be an easy fix. Puppet warp is great for organic objects, but when you want to be exact on something like type you need more straight lines in warp. Back in the day I would use squizz, but it's gone out of style. Please PS gods, I would love that add before you release this. Give me something to be excited about besides getting to work more while my 3gb files save. (yes it's a great feature, but it was also a great excuse for me to get up out of this chair at least once a day!)

                            • 11. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                              peter/w Community Member

                              @Chris Cox: I didn't mean post professionals who probably answered your surveys, but cinematographers and the like who currently simply deliver JPEGs of their desired look as far as I know, not colorists and effects artists using Photoshop to generate their look. But I'm no expert on those workflows, and I completely agree, a third party solution for LUT export is probably the best way to implement such a workflow.



                              @c.pfaffenbichler: Most professionals are still working predominantly in a semi-destructive way (i.e. using layers). Smart objects are too much hassle for most things (especially not being able to see your changes in context when editing them), so keeping an original layer and re-applying a filter is still very common.


                              Seeing that Blur Gallery can export a channel, that actually makes it quite useful, contrary to my initial assessment. Even though the interface is currently not optimized for this, it looks like Blur Gallery is a great quick and easy way to generate layer masks for color corrections.



                              @TLL..: Professionals will always buy their software. And those people who don't won't make that decision dependent on the licensing model. Very few of those who pirate programs are actually lost customers who don't buy software because they found a way can get it for free. It just doesn't work that way even though many companies would like to think it does. Most people simply wouldn't buy the software if piracy was not an option, with price being the deciding factor. The question is simply how spread-out the transition area inbetween is. I don't have Adobe's research data, though, so I can't comment on their specific case (I'd guess Photoshop is one of the most pirated programs, though), but I don't think threatening them with piracy is going to be that effective, they probably have someone who does nothing else all day than figure out smart ways to optimize these kinds of things for maximum profit


                              Just as a side note, in some cases piracy actually works in a company's favor. Microsoft owed much of its market dominance in their early days to the fact that unlike the competition their software was not copy protected and thus became much more widely used than comparable solutions, leading to much higher sales than copy protection could ever have given them.


                              Don't get me wrong, I am in no way defending piracy here, of course, I just think it's interesting from a strategic perspective. On the other hand, Photoshop is quite well known and doesn't have any real competition, so that probably defeats my point. Anyway, moving on.



                              I had a chance to play with the Beta again today for about an hour, and here are a few more things I found (again, a mixture of bugs, features I had hoped for, quirks etc. that I noticed and jotted down as I went along):


                              • The new in-place/on-canvas filters like Blur Gallery use an OK/Cancel button combination to exit the semi-modal state, which is inconsistent with all the existing semi-modal tools like Crop and Free Transform (which continue to use the checkmark system).


                              • Panel groups can no longer be collapsed by double clicking in the free area next to the tabs, only the tabs themselves. Not sure if that is intended behavior or a bug.


                              • Most panels seem to be docked below the Brushes panel by default for some reason so that showing any of these panels will also automatically bring up the much larger Brushes panel.


                              • ExtendScript Toolkit always crashes when switching to the "Fonts and Colors" tab in Preferences. This behavior can be reproduced every time. Unless this is related to a specific configuration, I can't imagine how this could have slipped through during QA/internal testing.


                              • There is currently no documentation for the APIs for the new Deco patterns, at least I was not able to find any, but I guess this is going to change in the release build.


                              • The Displace filter is still stuck in the early nineties (no preview, not accepting channels but using separate map files etc.). Displace is one of the most used filters in photo post production and image compositing.


                              • When placing files, it is never made 100% clear to the user which files/file types are linked to and which ones are embedded. An option to choose and possibly even a links panel like in InDesign and Illustrator would be useful.


                              • For placed videos (which seem to be linked to rather than embedded), the link seems to consist of just an absolute path (heard about this problem somewhere else, didn't have a chance to verify). I'd suggest storing both relative and absolute paths and if one fails to match, try the other before requesting a manual relink.


                              • The properties panel displays an unnecessary vertical scrollbar for Curves adjustment layers that just scrolls down to some empty space below


                              • The Timeline panel flyout menu has lost the "Document Settings" command. There now seems to be no reasonably obvious way to set the overall animation duration. There is also no "Trim Animation to Work Area" command. New layers seem to always use some kind of default duration, not the duration of the current timeline sequence.


                              • The segments in the animation timeline are a very vibrant color (at least on a wide gamut monitor). Ideally, they should at least match the color palette established by the blue selection highlight color, the ok buttons in the options bar and the render progress bar (which I really like). Strongly colored UI elements affect the perception of color in the image. Autodesk Smoke/Flame does a great job of using a non-obtrusive color palette in its interface.


                              • The "Set Current Time" dialog box that pops up when double-clicking the timecode display in the bottom area of the Timeline panel does not support pressing the escape key to cancel if the text field has the focus. Pressing Tab doesn't seem to change the focus either. Pressing down on the OK button, holding and dragging out of it doesn't hide the selection in the text field, but the escape key now works as expected. The return key works as expected in all situations, no matter which control has the focus.


                              • The "Split Clip" button doesn't seem to work well with the undo system. The corresponding menu bar item (Edit > Undo Split Clip) is sometimes grayed out. Switching to another application and back to Photoshop seems to re-enable the menu item in some cases. The grayed-out menu item obviously also blocks out the use of the corresponding hotkey (Cmd+Z in the default configuration).


                              • Dragging transitions to clips sometimes has no effect. I can't give a specific combination of things that cause this behavior, but it seems to be a per-document issue. If it kicks in, transition dragging doesn't work at all, i.e. it is always all segments in a particular timeline that don't accept transitions, not just individual ones. The dragging process happens as expected, but basically, the segments don't highlight under the mouse, nor do they accept the transition.


                              • Keyframe interpolations are limited to "Linear" and "Hold". A minimalistic "Smooth" option would be really useful, and it wouldn't have a noticeable impact on the complexity of the video timeline feature for novice users. I'm no AE expert, but I believe it has a feature called "Easy easy" keyframes, too, giving you smooth interpolation without manually adjusting the bézier animation curves.


                              • The horizontal scroll bar on the Timeline panel always shows some extra empty space, like the Properties panel for Curves. There is also no obvious "Zoom Timeline to Fit All" function (a toggle between 100% and the last zoom position would make sense, I think this is also how Avid implemented it in Media Composer).


                              • 3D layer rendering still isn't really a background thread and almost all interactions with the applications cancel the render operation.


                              • Vector shapes unfortunately only support plain vector outline strokes instead of allowing the user to apply any of the brush presets (or even use any of the settings inside the "Stroke Path" command, which would enable things like smearing using vector shapes). In my opinion, that is really the missed opportunity for additional usefulness that vector support in a pixel-based application can offer. I know the vector shapes feature is aimed at designers who don't want to switch between Photoshop and Illustrator for every single vector task, but that would have been a way to make that feature much more relevant for more than just the screen design demographic.


                              • The beta doesn't ship with the Pixel Bender filter, which I hope is going to change with the final build. That filter needs some work compared to CS5 (supporting the AE user control fields, supporting high-resolution images at least in CPU mode, channels as input images, color management issues, etc.) The CS5 release still feels very much like Alpha software (Pixel Bender Toolkit is even worse).


                              • The 3D camera has no on-screen widget to specify depth of field distance settings or even locking them to an object (similar to an aimed camera in compositing programs and 3D software). The sliders are also sometimes quite laggy, ideally all sliders should be completely interactive with only the render lagging behind. A slider that sticks jumps around while the software is rendering can be quite frustrating for a user (Lightroom has had that problem for a long time).


                              • The "Sketch" render presets seem to give incorrect results (i.e. results that have nothing to do with the 3D object, just a bunch of semi-random shapes and rectangles. The render button is also completely disabled. There also seems to be no way to activate the "Sketch" setting except through the presets.


                              • The fact that Content Aware Move allows the user to change the Adaptation setting after the fact is not very discoverable and inconsistent with both the other tools and apparently even the behavior of the Mode setting on the same tool. I'd suggest giving the tool a pseudo-modal state like the crop and free transform tools instead.


                              • The lorem ipsum command is called "Paste Lorem Ipsum". The use of the term "Paste" here is potentially confusing since it has nothing to do with the system clipboard. "Insert" would be a better choice of words in my opinion. Also, the same command inside InDesign is called "Fill with Placeholder Text", so you may want to consider using that for cross-application consistency.


                              • On the 2008 generation MacBook I was able to test this on, Liquify always launches in CPU mode (1 pixel black border around the preview image). Not sure if the GPU in that system is simply not supported. I suggest showing an unobtrusive information note somewhere (maybe below the settings), like "GPU acceleration for this filter is not supported on this hardware configuration". Like the "Efficiency" setting in the document window status bar, this would help users identify potential performance bottlenecks on their systems. The black border is just not very discoverable.


                              • The improvements to text (paragraph/character styles etc.) would make a glyphs panel like in InDesign and Illustrator a logical addition (saves unnecessary copy & paste operations).


                              • It seems that multiple clips in the Animation Timeline cannot be trimmed at the same time, even if they are both selected.


                              • The "Show Asian Text Options" checkbox seems to have disappeared from Preferences. Things like the Warichu option still seems to be Illustrator-only, even though it is incredibly useful for other things beyond what it was intended for (movie poster-style credits are the most popular example, but there are many more). Also, it seems illogical that you would have to choose between either of the text engines available, but I guess this is required by historical engineering decisions.


                              • Panels still can only be docked to the edges of the primary monitor. Docking is not available on secondary monitors. On Windows, docking only works inside the main window, no matter on which screen. I know this is standard behavior, but I never really understood the logic behind that.


                              Hope this is useful.

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                                i think that, for 3rd time i ll skip a Photoshop Upgrade. since 2008, the community has been asking for a solution on this http://forums.adobe.com/message/4288505#4288505 and it allways ends with a response: "we have no issues and Photoshop works great, its your tablet, drivers, pc, or anythings else, not us"


                                its like "go and buy a new tablet, new hardware and new everything to run our software".... well. i pass this one too.

                                • 13. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                  -Agfaclack- Community Member

                                  you do know that this is a USER forum?

                                  so most of the replys you mention are from user who actually have no problems.... what do you expect.. shall they lie? 

                                  zarafan wrote:


                                  i think that, for 3rd time i ll skip a Photoshop Upgrade. since 2008, the community has been asking for a solution on this http://forums.adobe.com/message/4288505#4288505 and it allways ends with a response: "we have no issues and Photoshop works great, its your tablet, drivers, pc, or anythings else, not us"



                                  • 14. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                    zarafan Community Member

                                    its not about those comments, but general comments. youtub video &comments are there, also is easy to find a lot of thopics about the issue.

                                    • 15. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                      Noel Carboni Community Member

                                      It's easy to find other people with faulty hardware or screwed up systems or things they just don't understand for any subject you can imagine.  That doesn't mean you've nailed down who's responsible for the problems properly.  Adobe would go out of business if the lion's share of people just couldn't make their product work properly.


                                      Do a Google search for "My Dog Doesn't Sleep Enough" and you turn up 127 million results.



                                      • 16. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                        Jaco Steenkamp Community Member

                                        love the the flavour (CS6)

                                        • 17. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                          peter/w Community Member

                                          @zarafan: If a manufacturer actually sells a pen tablet that doesn't work seamlessly with Photoshop, that should be an indication of what the quality of that product is. I don't blame Adobe for not supporting some cheap consumer tablet that even if supported would most likely have tons of other issues, especially considering that 99% of all Photoshop users exclusively use Wacom products. But I don't know any specifics about your case and I don't have time to research it right now.


                                          Here is a new update with a few smaller things I found:


                                          • The Animation Timeline doesn't yet support Alt+dragging clips to duplicate them
                                          • Free Transform only supports rotation values between -180 and +180 for smart objects. That is a senisible range for still images, but as soon as it is used for animating transforms, it prohibits more than one revolution. There is a workaround, though (make one revolution, nest into a second-level smart object, clip off the last frame to avoid it being repeated twice, duplicate the one-turn animation a bunch of times). Might cause problems in the future if at some point someone decides to add a motion blur feature, though.
                                          • Inconsistency: Horizontal palettes can only contain one group of panels, whereas vertical ones can have multiple
                                          • It is still impossible to dock document windows next to each other in one window with the application frame switched off. Since panels can currently be docked together (at least vertically), this is inconsistent behavior.
                                          • By default, the Timeline window shows a button "Create Video Timeline" with a dropdown button next to it that allows the user to "Create Frame Animation". There is no lack of space in the empty panel that would make it necessary to group these commands under that menu. Separating them out into buttons would save a click. Also, this placement of a "new something" button is inconsistent with those in other panels, where it is placed in the panel's toolbar (though arguably those are all "new item" buttons).
                                            And lastly, there is no obvious way to completely remove an animation system of either kind from a document, so novice users might be a little irritated by the fact that they can't get the panel back to the initial state after they clicked the button by accident or out of curiosity (except through the undo stack of course).
                                          • 18. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                            David Jensen Community Member

                                            "The "Blend RGB Colors using Gamma" feature in the color management settings still seems to be global and not per document (not 100% sure, though). This results in files being displayed differently on different computers, which is not a good idea."


                                            This should definately be a per document setting, or even better, a per layer setting.  CS6 can blend just text layers using RGB Gamma, so they should be expand the feature to individual layers.

                                            It doesn't make sense for a global setting to change the RGB values of pixels.  (monitor profiles modify how colors are displayed, of course, but don't change the underlying document)

                                            • 19. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                              Chris Cox Adobe Employee

                                              Blend Using Gamma should not be per-layer.

                                              It's a power user feature, for people who really need it and really know what it means. And if they need it, they're going to need it for pretty much all documents.

                                              • 20. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                David Jensen Community Member

                                                Perhaps the option should be to set the default for new documents.

                                                Some documents can look completly differerent when comparing the Blend Using Gamma setting on vs. off.

                                                Can you explain how that is acceptable when the setting isn't saved with the document?

                                                I avoid using the setting only because it isn't saved with the document.


                                                It's only a power-user feature because most people don't know what it is, not because it wouldn't be useful to more users.

                                                • 21. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                  Chris Cox Adobe Employee

                                                  Because, really, very few people really need that feature.

                                                  If you don't understand why, then you probably don't really need it.

                                                  • 22. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                    Noel Carboni Community Member

                                                    Chris Cox wrote:


                                                    very few people really need that feature.


                                                    Let me guess...  Game designers? 



                                                    • 23. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                      Chris Cox Adobe Employee

                                                      Nope, mostly folks trying to match results with high end compositing systems that always convert to linear in 8 and 16 bit, plus a few researchers.

                                                      Most people who need gamma 1.0 blending, are already working in 32 bit and have it.

                                                      • 24. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                        David Jensen Community Member

                                                        how about those of us who want to layer one color over another color without introducing incorrect luminance where the two colors blend? should I just be working in 32 bit color?

                                                        • 25. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                          peter/w Community Member

                                                          I would use that feature a lot if it wasn't global, but right now I can't hand a PSD file to another computer and rely on it looking the same. Other people can't use it in an InDesign layout. Even if I wanted to match results of a highend compositing software, I couldn't possibly import the PSD into that same highend compositing software because that will obviously assume that this setting wasn't on in the preferences. I have heard people who work in highend VFX say they don't use that option in Photoshop because "that checkbox is weird".


                                                          When I do composites for print, I mostly do them in 16 Bit Adobe RGB. I know about the advantages and disadvantages of working in a non-linear color spaces. Getting things that should mathematically be blended in Add mode (fire, any kinds of light, glows) to look correct takes much longer, and Screen is basically just a clumsy hack that was invented to counteract that problem but only gets you so far.

                                                          Having to switch to a color space with linear gamma or even 32-bit float mode is just annoying and leaves you with either twice the memory comsumption (which can make quite a difference for large documents with hundreds of layers) and only a subset of filters available, or a lot of clumsy smart objects that can no longer be edited in context. Another workaround I have used in the past before we had Smart Objects and 32-bit-float mode was sandwiching layers that are manually converted to linear using the gamma slider in Levels inbetween two adjustment layers with opposing gamma values that temporarily converted the document to linear and then back. But that totally circumvents Photoshop's color management of course


                                                          Plus, that checkbox in the color management settings is quite dangerous for people who have no clue what it does because if someone activates it by accident or without realizing that it is a global setting that doesn't get saved into the PSD file or because they heard someone say "you should always work using linear gamma", will end up with files that will always look wrong on other computers, or even on their own system if at some point that setting is turned off again.


                                                          By the way, totally unrelated, here is another feature request for a future release: Could we please have the color range selections from Hue/Saturation in Select Color Range? I always question my sanity when i merge Hue/Saturation layers with extreme brightness adjustments in differece mode just to make masks out of those selections.

                                                          • 26. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                            Chris Cox Adobe Employee

                                                            >>  because they heard someone say "you should always work using linear gamma",


                                                            I haven't heard that since Timo closed his misinformation website...

                                                            For most people, that is wrong.


                                                            So what you're really arguing is that the preference should be taken out, because people are trying to use it when they really shouldn't.

                                                            • 27. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                              David Jensen Community Member

                                                              no, we're arguing that it should be a document preference instead of an application preference.

                                                              I suppose that could be interpreted as removing one preference and adding another...

                                                              • 28. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                Foster Brereton Adobe Employee

                                                                p_werner wrote:


                                                                • The "Show Asian Text Options" checkbox seems to have disappeared from Preferences. Things like the Warichu option still seems to be Illustrator-only, even though it is incredibly useful for other things beyond what it was intended for (movie poster-style credits are the most popular example, but there are many more). Also, it seems illogical that you would have to choose between either of the text engines available, but I guess this is required by historical engineering decisions.


                                                                This has been migrated out of the Preferences panel, but still exists. Its new location is in the Type menu, under Language Options.

                                                                • 29. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                  peter/w Community Member

                                                                  Well, in the current state, the feature is close to useless to the people it is aimed at due to its quirks, but dangerous for people who don't know the full implications of it and activate it nonetheless. But the problem is not that it allows them to work with linear color in cases where they shouldn't, but that their resulting documents will render completely differently on other systems, and existing documents will look different on theirs. I've heard people nickname it the "Enable Microsoft Word Mode" checkbox for that reason.


                                                                  I second Yelnats1's suggestion to make it either a per-document or per-layer blending options setting (or both), possibly with the existing checkbox acting as a global default. In that scenario, if somebody knows nothing or only part of the story (not sure which one is worse) and activates it, they are only doing something that is theoretically mathematically incorrect, but the final file they arrive at will still be consistent across Photoshop installations. Just like if someone changes the default working CMYK space to something absurd. It is certainly a bad idea (in fact, much worse than always working with linear blending as far as I am concerned), but at least it is predictable. No need to remove the feature.


                                                                  Besides, being able to work in ways you theoretically shouldn't frequently opens up new creative possiblities or solutions for exotic problems. I have seen people who used the good old Extract filter to create borders around their photos. And I'd have to prototype this, but being able to adjust the blending gamma might actually turn out to be a useful creative tool that makes it easier to get the layer blending just right (I think some software packages even offer blend curves to control the compositing result).


                                                                  As far as Timo is concerned, I have to confess I have no idea who that is/was, but I agree it is a good thing to have one less website spreading false claims.

                                                                  • 30. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                    Pete.Green Adobe Employee
                                                                    • Shift key during canvas rotation to constrain angles still only works when using the tool but is ignored when using a multitouch pad gesture


                                                                    You need to make sure you've got the rotate tool selected in order to use the Shift Key modifier, you could also press and hold the R key then the Shift key, then pad gesture.

                                                                    The modifiers go to the current selected tool.

                                                                    • 31. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                      peter/w Community Member

                                                                      Thanks for your reply. I knew about these other options, but that is exactly my point. Conceptually, from a user's point of view, modifier keyes should alway go to the current user action instead of the current tool.


                                                                      Modifiers only ever have an effect in conjunction with a certain direct user action. In case of a tool, most of the time this is a pointer event in the document canvas (the tool being merely current isn't enough to trigger anything), for menu actions, it is a menu command invocation (either directly through the menus or using a shortcut), in dialog boxes, it is often a click on a button or a similar widget (the ubiquitous Cancel button/Reset button toggle is an example). A user would always expect the modifiers to be applied to the most immediate action they are performing. Someone performing a trackpad gesture that modifies the display of the document and thus isn't affected by or is itself affecting the behavior of the current tool, most likely doesn't have a tool in mind, if that makes sense.


                                                                      In most cases throughout the application, this is already handled that way. If you hold down the option key and click a menu item, the option key is always applied to the menu action, no matter what other things are going on in the UI. And if you press Cmd+Shift+S, you would expect the Shift to go to the shortcut, not the current tool, the current panel or anything else.


                                                                      Even for other mouse events, this is common behavior. If you hold the option key and scroll the mouse wheel with the pointer being positioned over a document viewport, the application will currently zoom it instead of scrolling. If you hold down the Command key instead of Option, it scrolls the viewport horizontally (with no modifier, it would scroll it vertically). The application is not performing a temporary tool switch during these actions as far as I can tell based on UI feedback. Consequently, according to your logic, these modifiers would have to be absorbed by the current tool and not applied to the user input from the mouse wheel.


                                                                      My point is simply, a user would expect that holding down the shift key would to go to the rotation gesture, not the current tool, since the gesture is the action they are currently performing. However, it is certainly everything but high-priority issue (how many people really need constrained canvas rotation on a laptop on a regular basis, and the workarounds you mention work perfectly fine of course). I also imagine that it would require some medium-complexity rearchitecturing of some of Photoshop's tool system to fix that and those resources could definitely be spent in better ways. I just thought it might be something worth pointing out.

                                                                      • 32. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                        Pete.Green Adobe Employee
                                                                        • The beta doesn't ship with the Pixel Bender filter, which I hope is going to change with the final build. That filter needs some work compared to CS5 (supporting the AE user control fields, supporting high-resolution images at least in CPU mode, channels as input images, color management issues, etc.) The CS5 release still feels very much like Alpha software (Pixel Bender Toolkit is even worse).


                                                                        PixelBender has been removed for CS6, and we now use the Oil Paint function from Pixel Bender.

                                                                        • 33. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                          peter/w Community Member

                                                                          Wow, that is really, really unfortunate. All existing shaders are going to be completely useless. Will the CS5 version of the plug-in at least still work in the CS6 release build?

                                                                          • 34. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                            nethe3rd Community Member

                                                                            Regarding "no shortcut key for hiding photoshop" - It's still the same as it was in CS5: Ctrl+Cmd+H

                                                                            • 35. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                              peter/w Community Member

                                                                              Actually, it asks you the first time you press Cmd+H, and depending on what you answer is, it will either assign Cmd+H or Cmd+Ctrl+H.


                                                                              My problem is that Photoshop currently won't accept Ctrl+something as a shortcut for a menu command, it only allows the Ctrl key to be used in combination with the Cmd key. I was just mentioning the "Hide Photoshop" command as an obvious example where someone might want to use it. You currently cannot customize shortcuts so that Cmd+H is "Hide Photoshop" and Ctrl+H is "Hide Extras" since Ctrl+H is not accepted as a shortcut by the shortcut editor, even though Cocoa theoretically supports it. There aren't many unassigned two-key shortcuts left in Photoshop, and allowing the Ctrl key to be used as a separate modifier would open up a whole new set of possible options, at least on the Mac platform. If it was up to me, I'd also allow Spacebar+Something to be used, but I realize that some users might find that confusing. Another possible solution would be something like the Marking Menus Autodesk are using in Maya and Sketch Book Pro.

                                                                              • 36. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                                nethe3rd Community Member

                                                                                Point taken. Actually, I had forgotten it gave me that choice, as it also asked, on installation, whether I wanted to migrate my prefrences from CS5 to CS6, and I did. So Ctrl+Cmd+H worked in CS6 as it had before in CS5. You were making a much more complex point.


                                                                                Message was edited by: nethe3rd

                                                                                • 37. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                                  vdenn Community Member

                                                                                  I agree.  It has a few quirks that I hope will be straightened out before release, but I think it's a great program.  I wonder when it will be released.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                                    midsoul06 Community Member

                                                                                    Usually all these bugs in a beta are annoying and/or confusing (but neccessary parts of the process),
                                                                                    but heres one that made me laugh my *** off and actually made my day!


                                                                                       I believe this bug occurred because I tried to | right click, open with, adobe photoshop CS6 | this layers.psd file which I had last worked on/ saved in CS3. Its an animated gif I was working on that I couldn't complete at that level of phoshop animation support, so I was seeeing if CS6 had added the animation capabilities to finish it.
                                                                                       When I reopened the file from photoshop CS6 I worked just fine, and hasn't given me this hilarious message since, so I'm glad I screen shot it when it popped up with its ridiculousness!

                                                                                    • 39. Re: CS6 Beta first impressions
                                                                                      peter/w Community Member

                                                                                      vdenn: Spring 2012 is the official word from Adobe. Most of Adobe's recent "Public Betas" have been basically feature complete, meaning it is probably a matter of weeks now.


                                                                                      midsoul06: Maybe opening the file the way you did the first time triggered a bug where the file format plug-in wasn't loaded yet, or where the wrong one was being used, who knows. Or if you have your additional plug-ins folder in the Preferences set to the CS5 one for example, you might get all sort of weirdness of that kind.

                                                                                      Either way, that kind of thing is quite common when working with Alpha/Beta software or any in-development stuff. I once got to see a raytrace render where an object reflected its own surface due to a bug in the shader code, that was kind of interesting, too. I think on Lord of the Rings when doing their first crowd sim tests, they had some agents simply run away from the battlefields since the instructions they built in Massive (a crowd simulation software) missed a certain case in the control logic.


                                                                                      By the way, I found some new semi-weirdness: When invoking any of the on-canvas filters, you can actually show any of the panels you want through the menu. Only the Navigator panel is fully functional as far as I can tell, though, the other ones are mostly disabled (except the 3D-Panel, which is reused in Lighting Effects to display the light list, and the Properties panel, which displays the filter parameters). The "new" button in the Character Styles panel doesn't show as disabled, but ignores any user input. The layers panel does show the temporary 3d layer created by Lighting Effects, but doesn't allow you to show or hide any layers for now (would be great, though). The toolbox asks you if you want to cancel the filter if you try clicking any of the tools (even the zoom, pan and canvas rotation tools), but clicks on the color well, quick mask and screen mode currently don't offer any functionality (though I think that changing screen mode shouldn't be locked when working with an on-canvas filter). The Histogram panel actually seems to work fine and updates live when you make changes, but all the items in the flyout menu are grayed out, so you are stuck with the way you configured the panel before entering the filter for now.

                                                                                      Since the on-canvas filters each have their own secret hidden workspace, showing/hiding any panels will actually persist between invokations of the filter, which is quite cool. I don't know if things are going to stay that way in the final release, but I'm happy to see that working with the panels during an on-canvas filter is theoretically a possibility for the future. Especially being able to show/hide layers, checking the histogram and looking at channels individually seems like a great idea. Also for things that accept filters, being able to paint on and edit channels directly from within the filter (like in Lens Blur or Displace if they get updated to the new system in the future) and seeing the preview update live seems like a great idea.

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